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Nov 6, 2009

A Truly Fabulous Life

Well-known television personality marries her “partner” CLICK! “Multi-platinum selling rapper gives critics the finger.” CLICK! Singer blames incident on wardrobe malfunction…” CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!

As I surf through the television channels, there are always negative and controversial images making the headlines. In fact, it seems as if there are far more negative headlines than there are positive. A lot of these are of very high profile public figures that enjoy pushing the envelope of society’s norms. By virtue of their popularity they make it appear “cool” to go against the norms of society and God's laws.

When watching shows like VH1’s “The Fabulous Life of…” it’s easy to be drawn into the fantasy life of celebrities who seem to have it all and the ability to do whatever they want without negative consequences following. It’s also almost impossible not to be impressed by their seemingly “fairytale” existence, to dream of being as rich or powerful as they are one day.

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, however modeling your life after that of someone whose lifestyle is morally wrong is not the answer. Fame and fortune don’t by themselves make someone a good role model. Nor does it buy happiness and the large number of celebrities who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are proof of that. This only confirms that their lifestyles are not all that fabulous.

The truth is, the rap stars, singers, actors, actresses and other celebrities are not the ones you should look up to as role models. Look for positive people in your family and community who display role model qualities. Try to learn from them and find something in their lifestyle that you can emulate.

I’ve also found that having a truly fabulous life starts with knowing Jesus Christ. When you have a relationship with Him then fame and fortune or anything else won’t bring out the worse in you.

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Denise said...

Amen, well said.

Warren Baldwin said...

Amen! Role models have a lot to do with how we turn out. Good advice for young people here.

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