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Nov 4, 2006

Thoughts on Friendship

Best Friends...

... do not have need of us as much as they have the capacity to enjoy us.

... wallk alongside on life's journey - do not run ahead or lag behind.

... are forgetful of what isn't perfect about us.

... grow and change with one another - learn from one another's experience.

... share both the important and insignificant pieces of thier lives with the same
degree of joy and openess.

... instinctively know when to talk and when to be silent... well, most of the time!

... praise with sincerity, criticize with humility, confront with compassion.

Do we have what it takes to be a best friend? Only intermittently and in varying degrees. We have to keep working at it -- it's not easy. But the rewards are extraordinary!

excerpt from the book Friends Through Thick & Thin
by Gloria Gaither, Peggy Benson, Sue Buchanan & Joy MacKenzie

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Cmommy said...

You're right--we do have to keep working at it! Great post.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be back ;-)C

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