June 1, 2010 I published the last issue (at least for a while) of Girl Talk my teen girl magazine. Since this blog was originally designed for the purpose of publishing weekly devotions for the magazine and later the magazine itself I decided to create another blog that isn’t connected to Girl Talk.

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Sep 30, 2006

Have you ever felt this way?


Sometimes I enter your house Lord
And it’s not where I want to be
I don’t feel like lifting my hands
Or singing praises to your name

I don’t want to hear the preacher
Preach a message about God’s grace
I want the service to be over
So I can be on my way

But as I sit in the sanctuary
And I begin to meditate
I think about all you’ve done
And how you saved me by your grace

And as I think about you Lord
The tears begin to slowly fall
As the iciness within my heart
Begin to melt from your son’s warmth

So I slip my hand to heaven
And begin to praise your holy name
Because Lord I do realize
This you do require of me

You want me to praise you
When I feel like and when I don’t
To deny the natural man
And tune in to only you

As I tune into your frequency
You begin to speak to me
You let me know that you are pleased
With my sacrificial praise

By the time I leave the service
My attitude is totally changed
And I wonder within myself
“why didn’t I want to praise God’s name?

by Bernadine J. McIntosh
January 2005

Sep 16, 2006

How important are your beliefs?

What do you believe in life?
What is important to you?
What belief do you have that you would stake your reputation your very life on?
How much of a part do your belief system, play in your life?
Do your beliefs define who you are?
Can people identify you based on your belief?
Do your beliefs changed based on the group of people you are with?
How strong is your belief?
Are your beliefs worth dying for?

As I read through the bible I am always impress to read about great men and women of God who are willing to die for their belief. They were all ready at a moments notice to lay down their very lives for their beliefs. I often wonder if I were put to the test would I be able to do that? I would love to think that I would and at this moment it would be quite easy to say yes. Yes I would die for my belief and I really believe that I would. However it is easy to live up to your beliefs when you’re surrounded by people who have the same beliefs. It’s easy to say you’re a Christian when everyone around you is saying the same thing. But what if they’re not? Would you still believe what you believe? Would you still admit to having that belief? Would your faith be easily shaken then?

Imagine for a moment being taken away from your family, your friends, everything that you love and are familiar with. Imagine being taken somewhere where traditions, religious beliefs, food and every thing including the language is different. Think about being in this place where no one believes in your God? Would it be easy then to admit to being a Christian? Would you boldly witness for Christ then or would you deny him? Would you become a closet Christian or would you simply blend in with everything that surrounds you?

Reading through the book of Daniel there are several places where we see Daniel and his friends allowing their faith to define their actions. From the first chapter of Daniel we could see that these young men were different. They had a mind of their own. They knew who they were and didn’t allow anyone to change them. Although they were captives in a strange land they resolved not to take on the beliefs and traditions of their Babylonian captors. Many times as Christians youths you will be put in the position where you either have to take a strong stand for your beliefs or fold. You peer group will test you simply to see how firm your beliefs are. When you come to that position, and yes you will come to it, what will your answer be?

Daniel and his friends came to a place where they were asked to do something that went against their beliefs. Have any of you ever been in this position? I’m sure that you have. It’s easy to fall into things that you know is wrong if you don’t have the right mindset. You may be in a bad situation, you may be in a place where almost everyone is swearing, drinking, doing drugs and having sex. However that does not mean that you have to fall into that lifestyle also. But I will say to you, you can fall into it if you don’t have a made up mind. Daniel 6 and says that Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine. Daniel made up in his mind, hey I may be in Babylon but that doesn’t mean I have to eat the Babylonian food. I may be in Babylon but that doesn’t mean I have to serve the Babylonian gods. In the midst of everything that was going on in Babylon Daniel and his friends decided that they were going to be true to their beliefs.

Are your beliefs worth taking a strong stand for? How valuable are they to you? Are you willing to be ostracized, shunned, talked about, despised for your beliefs? God is looking for a group of people who simply don’t care who’s going with them, who likes them, who believes what they believe. He’s looking for a group of young people who will lift up a standard before him like Daniel did. Will you be the Daniel in the midst of your friends? Will you be the one who will say I don’t care if everyone is doing it I’m not going to? Will you be that voice that will make a difference?

(exerpt from a sermon I gave at my church on Youth's Sunday)

Sep 11, 2006

My 9-11 Poem

Today I Remember

Today I remember,
What seems like yesterday.
A day of pain and despair,
That seemed too hard to bear.

I remember seeing grown men cry
While terrified people ran wildly by.
I remember grief stricken people holding signs
Hoping their loved ones they would find.

Today I remember
What seems like yesterday
A day when the whole world felt the pain
Of a single act of hate.

I remember with a sadden tearful heart,
Seeing desperate people jump,
From rapidly burning buildings,
With no hope of surviving the plunge

Today I remember
What seems like yesterday
A day when the whole world
Got down on its knees and prayed.

I remember that for a moment
No one was a stranger, we all became one,
United, together, sister, brother, friend
No one stood alone

Today I remember,
But I will not cry
God is in complete control
And He is on our side.

by Bernadine J. McIntosh
Written September 11, 2002

Sep 5, 2006

Graduation Prayer

September... month of new beginnings. Graduation is over for many of you and some of you are looking forward to June 2007 when you'll be the one wearing the cap and gown.

I know the graduation season is over for this year, but I found a prayer that I wrote a few days before my high school graduation and I thought I'd share it with you.

My Graduation Prayer of Thanks

Dear Lord

As I am about to graduate from high school I just want to take this time to thank you for getting me so far. I know that it is only through your saving grace that I have come this far. Jesus as I am about to go into the world I just want you to keep me under your protection. Just keep your eyes on me and never let me ought of your sight because without your presence in my life I would be lost. I love you Jesus

Written June 22, 1990

Note: He's answered that prayer and He's still keeping me under his protection. He'll keep you too if you'll ask Him and trust him.

Sep 3, 2006

Many hands make light work

After a seemingly too short vacation it was time to go back to work. For a teacher that means a classroom to decorate and make appealing to the students that would be coming through the doors a week later.

For several years,three of my nephews have volunteered to put their creativity to work and help me make my classroom beautiful. Unfortunately for me, two of them were off to college this year so I thought their youngest brother and I would have to go it alone. However I was wrong. They decided to take their last Saturday before leaving for college to help me in my classroom. This meant the world to me and made my work so much easier. "Many hands does indeed make light work"

If you've never volunteered to help anyone out during a difficult time, think about it. Babysitting for a neighbor or running an errand once in a while can make someone's day. My helpful nephews made my week. Thanks guys

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