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Dec 30, 2008

The Day Before the End...

I'm over here today

The day before the end... I can't believe that another year is almost over. This year has been a walk of faith for me but God has proven Himself to me over and over again. I am excited to see what this New Year is going to bring.

When I was a little girl it was a tradition to go to service on New Year’s Eve and “bring in the New Year, in church.” As an adult the tradition is still ingrained in me. To me there is something wonderful about ending the old year as I began it and starting the New Year as I want to end it… in the house of God, in the presence of the Lord.

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Dec 21, 2008

What are you grateful for?

Christmas Traditions... A Mother's Perspective
By Cleora Williams

What are you grateful for? This is a question I have asked my family, each Christmas morning, for the past eleven years before any gifts are opened. Initially I was met with resistance as each child was only interested in opening whatever presents bore their names under the tree. This however, is now a part of our family tradition. When we rise on Christmas morning instead of rushing to the Christmas tree and tearing into thepresents, we read the Christmas story, say what we are grateful for, pray and finally, exchange gifts.

My reason for doing the above ritual was and still is to instill in my children a sense of gratitude and thankfulness. Firstly, to God {who sent his son Jesus into the world}, secondly to family and friends and finally to include all others who have touched their lives positively.

We should be grateful each day, but this time of year more emphasis seems to be placed on being thankful, hence celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and the advent of a new year. Further because this time of year is so commercialized we need to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and give thanks.

And so to all girltalk readers I ask you to reflect during this season as I ask you the question, “What are you grateful for?” There is a song that goes “count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what God has done”.

In my conclusion, I extend to each of you my girltalk readers warmest wishes for a blessed, safe and happy Christmas as we look for a beautiful year 2009.

Ladies always give thanks with a grateful heart. Remember your creator who has made you priceless and in his own image. You are wonderfully made: mind, body and spirit.

Dec 11, 2008

The Shepherds' Story

I'm over here today

10 Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. 11 For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:10-11...

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Dec 2, 2008

A Reason to Hope

The month of December brings for many a sense of anticipation, the anticipation of knowing that Christmas is only a few weeks away. Coupled with that anticipation is expectation because we know what usually comes with Christmas right…? Uh hmm, gifts, lots of gifts… and we all love to receive them. However, what about when Christmas doesn’t meet your expectations?

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Psalm
For many, Christmas brings a sense of depression and hopelessness, especially when there is a lack of money to do the things we sometimes feel that Christmas is all about.

Some of your parents may have been affected by the recent job losses or reduced work week that we have seen in our country. Hence you may have already begun to experience a different type of Christmas season this year than you did last year. But my dear young lady whatever it may be that you are facing this Christmas season I want to give you a reason to hope.

Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Psalm

Do you still have the gifts you received last Christmas? You may not even remember what you received. This tells you that even though it feels good to receive gifts they don’t last forever. They are only temporary but, I offer you a gift that last forever… Jesus Christ.

10 But the angel said to them, "Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great
joy that will be for all the people. 11Today in the town of David a Savior has
been born to you; he is Christ[ the Lord. Luke 2:10:11
Your parents may be worrying about making this Christmas a good one for you with little money to work with. Why don’t you take this opportunity to let them know that it’s okay if they can’t afford to get you the gifts you really want this Christmas and see the worry disappear from their eyes?

That would be the best gift some of you can give to your parents. The gift of knowing that you won’t be disappointed or angry if there isn’t a whole lot of gifts with your name on it this year. After all, isn’t Christmas really about God’s gift to us? When life, family, friends, circumstances isn’t what you want it to be Jesus Christ will always be everything you need him to be.

Choosing to win

Pop! goes the starting gun and off they go. It’s the 200m at the Olympics and Debbie, one of the Bahamas’ golden girls is ahead. The crowd is going wild! A group of Bahamians has a section of the bleachers for themselves chanting in unison, “Debbie! Debbie! Debbie!” Followed by, “Bahamas! Bahamas! Bahamas!” There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, Debbie’s is going to win it! The Bahamas is gonna medal!

But no! Wait a minute, this cannot be happening! Debbie stopped running and as quick as that; one, two, three runners passed by for gold, silver and bronze. What happened Debbie, you were winning, why did you stop? Why did you choose to lose?

Sounds silly huh? What athlete would choose to lose the biggest event of her athletic career?

However think about your life and the choices you make young lady, how many times do you choose to lose?

Think about it, when you lie to your parents about where you’re going and what you’re doing you choose to lose your parents trust.

When you decide not to study for your exams but cheat instead, you choose to lose the respect of your teachers and your peers.

When you choose not to live your life God’s way, but rather go your own you often lose focus on your dreams and sidetrack your plans for the future.

Choosing to lose… it doesn’t make much sense does it? So why not choose to win?

You choose to win when you make good choices based on the godly, positive values your parents and other trusted adults have instilled in you.

You choose to win when you decide not to do what’s popular but do what’s right.

You choose to win when you don’t allow yourself to be defined by a mistake but get back up and prayerfully ask God to direct your path to where he would have you go.

The choice is yours, what is it going to be?
I’ll give you a hint… Choose to win!!! We’re cheering you on! We don’t want you to fail… we want you to succeed so please… choose to win…

Dec 1, 2008

A Conversation with Ms. Jeritzan Edwards-Outten

“Wow!” I thought, as I read the many accomplishments of the impressive lady featured in this issue of Girl Talk. How did she do it? Then I read further down and saw a piece of advice she received as a teenager… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Consequently, with Christ as the head of her life Ms. Outten has certainly accomplished many things.

Ms. Jeritzan Edwards-Outten life and accomplishments are definitely too grand and numerous to fit between the pages of Girl Talk. However, I’m sure you’ll agree after reading the fraction that I manage to squeeze in that she is a woman who inspires.

Ms. Outten is an accomplished business woman and dedicated Christian and family oriented person. She is a native of Grand Bahama and the second of ten children. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, reading watching good movies, listening to good music and keeping physically fit.

Ms. Outten possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Education & Public Relations and a Masters Degree in Human Resources and Management. She has a diversified employment history that spans several islands of the Bahamas. It includes being a secondary school teacher in both New Providence and Grand Bahama and serving as assistant Regional Director in the Grand Bahama Branch of the National Trust.

She has been employed with the Ministry of Tourism since 1981 and has worked in and managed most departments in the organization.

During her tenure at the Ministry of Tourism she has been responsible for opening and managing the first family island Tourism office in Andros and has worked in the Abaco Tourist office as director of Tourism for the Abacos. She currently is the Senior Director for the Grand Bahama and Northern Bahamas, Ministry of Tourism. You’ve probably seen her before on ZNS talking about the Grand Bahama tourism product, something she’s passionate about.

Although her job demands a lot of time and attention Ms. Outten finds time to do other things one of which is regularly teaching an adult Sunday school class where she seeks to encourage her students to dig deeper into God’s word and apply it to their lives.

What are you most passionate about? My relationship with God; my family and my career.

To who or what do you attribute your success? Great parenting, personal ambition and sound relationship with Almighty God.

How long have you been employed with the Ministry of Tourism? Since 1981

What are some of your duties? My general duties involve developing the local tourism product, public relation and promotional activities; ensuring that visitors to the destinations have an authentic and hospitable experience which leaves them with a desire to return and to recommend the destination. All areas are considered the product including: the Bahamian people and the level of service that they display along with information they are able to share and the attitude that is prevalent.

What do you love most about your job? I love most...positioning the island to be the best destination for visitors to travel to, which ensures a strong economy as 60 % of funds comes directly from Tourism. Also, empowering persons who work with me to excel.

What do you find most challenging? Finding the way to move people from old habits and motivating them to a new way of thinking and maintaining behaviour, positively.

What are some traits you think young ladies who are interested in working in the hospitality industry should possess? They should be enthusiastic, inquisitive, proactive and helpful, enjoy learning, and have a positive and pleasant demeanor. Enjoying being around people is important.

How have you overcome challenges that you encountered in getting to where you are now? Planning and setting goals were important and to be consistent in trying to attain even in the face of disappointment. Stop to reflect and learn from mistakes then keep on moving forward.)

Is the life you have now what you imagined as a teenager? Pretty much… I am very content and happy with what I have achieved…yet, I’m looking forward to future endeavors. Life has been very good and I am blessed!

What advice do you have for young ladies as they try to successfully navigate the teenage years? Put God first and plan their lives wisely

How would you describe yourself in one word? Why? (Optimistic) I believe that life is what we make it and we ought always to ‘work as if every thing depends on us and pray with the knowledge that everything depends on God’)

Anna's Frustration (Conclusion)

Mrs. Johnson sighed when she saw the big “Do Not Disturb” sign on her daughter Anna’s bedroom door. However, she decided to ignore it. She raised her hand to knock but paused in mid-air as she heard voices coming from the bedroom.

It was late but she couldn’t sleep with the angry conversation she’d had with Anna running through her mind. She was determined to find out what was going on with her usually sweet nature middle child. However, the voices coming through the bedroom door told her that her oldest daughter, Shyquelle had beaten her to the deal.

“What’s wrong Anna?” Shyquelle was saying. Are you trying to get in trouble these days?”

“I’m just tired trying to live up to you,” Anna snapped, still feeling angry.

“Live up to me?” Shyquelle exclaimed, “What do you mean?”

“Everyone compares me to you! Nothing I do is ever good enough. When I have the same teachers that you had before, they compare me to you. My B’s will never measure up to your A’s in their minds, even though I’m doing my best…”

“But Anna…,”Shyquelle tried to insert.

“…and if that isn’t bad enough,” Anna continued as if she hadn’t heard. “Mommy does the same thing. It’s as if nothing I do measures up to you. I feel as if I’m living in your shadow sometimes.”

“Do I make you feel that way?” Shyquelle asked softly.

“No, but everyone else does,” Anna answered. “And sometimes I find myself getting angry with you because of it,” she continued a little sheepishly.

“Maybe you should try talking to Mommy about it,” Shyquelle suggested softly.

“It’s hard talking to someone who always thinks you’re being rude when you try to express yourself,” Anna answered.

From her position outside the room Mrs. Johnson hung her head. “Is that how I make my daughter feel?” she thought to herself, “as if she doesn’t measure up?”

She walked quietly back to her room leaving her daughters’ conversation still going on. She made up her mind that she was going try to be more sensitive to Anna’s feeling and not make her feel as if didn’t measure up to her older sister.

(This story is strictly fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental)

Why I don't have a boyfriend right now...

A teen’s point of view
By Twaniqua Cooper

“Why hasn’t he called me yet?” “What’s he doing?” “I wonder if he’s home.” “He’s not home, who is he with?”

Hey ladies, do any of these questions sound familiar to you? I bet they do. I remember trying to study for an exam and all I could think was, “why hasn’t this boy call me yet?” I could not stay focused enough to study.

We often say, “why don’t our parents allow us to live our lives and have our fun while we’re still young?” However, the truth is they are really doing the best thing for us by trying to keep us away from boyfriends while we are in school.

I did not realize how important it was to not focus on boyfriends until my first semester of college. While I was in high school, I realized that my grades were dropping because I put so much time into my boyfriend and hardly paid attention to my school work. I didn’t care of course, because I really liked the person. However, as I transitioned from a high school student to a college student it became more difficult for me. We were now “out of school” so he felt we should have been able to spend more time together. During the summer I found it ok, but when I started my college classes I realized hey, this is too much for me.

The level of work had increased and I now needed that hour I spent talking on the phone to study or do homework. This was hard for my boyfriend to understand because at the time he was not in school. We had to break up so I would be able to manage. When I was in high school I didn’t care how my grades dropped because I knew I would graduate either way, but attending college is a different story. When I don’t pass a class it wastes money and prolongs my stay at College of the Bahamas, and I certainly don’t want that.

I have not been in a relationship since I ended the one in my first semester of college. Right now, I don’t see a boyfriend in my near future. I am not saying that I would graduate and still do not have a boyfriend, because I cannot be sure of that, but I know it won’t be anytime soon. When someone asks me to get in a relationship, I let them know I am doing them a favor by not getting involved with them.

My mother sometimes teases me and asks me when she’s going to meet my boyfriend. She knows that I will tell her I don’t want a boyfriend right now so she’ll just smile. I know in her mind she says “wow after all these years she finally gets it”.

Ladies, my advice to you would be to put away the boyfriend for right now. Know that the boys will always be there. They cannot live without us. Therefore, they will keep coming our way. I say put boys on hold and give God a chance to work in your life the way he wants to. Remember that your success tomorrow depends on the right decisions today.

Wise Men Still Seek Him

By Linda Kerby

They traveled to David,
to Bethlehem came
With Mary who was due any day.
But finding no place
where the babe could be born
She laid him on a bed made of hay

There were sheep there and cattle
A donkey and mule
Above them a star brightly shown
And shepherds rejoiced as the angels had said
on that day that the Savior was born.

And wise men came seeking their King and Messiah
with gifts from their hearts they did sing
With tears they rejoiced
as their hearts filled with love
for Jesus, their Savior and King

Jesus grew older
a man he became
His sacrifice blessed the whole earth
We now can return all because of his gift,
Indebted we are for his birth

And wise men still seek him, their King and Messiah
with gifts from their hearts they do sing
With tears they rejoice
as their hearts fill with love
for Jesus, their Savior and King

Some day we will see him, our King and Messiah
with gifts from our hearts we will sing
With tears we'll rejoice
as our hearts fill with love for Jesus,
for Jesus, our King!
For Jesus, our King!

Publisher's Note

Dear Young Lady

How are you? I’m sure that by now you’re in the Christmas frame of mind. Exams are beginning and the school term is just about over, now for the holly, jolly days of Christmas…

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? I hope you receive that which you desire most. However, if your parents can’t afford to get you everything you want, remember Christmas is not all about the gifts around the tree. It’s about the most precious gift… Jesus Christ.

As you peruse the pages of Girl Talk be sure to read Twaniqua’s article “Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend Right Now” . She answered my call for writers in the last issue and wrote a very insightful article. I’d love to have more of you do the same so do drop me a line.

Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas with those you love and a very happy New Year and as always, don’t ever forget how very special you are…

God bless
Bernadine J. McIntosh

Oct 6, 2008

Anna's Frustration Part 1

“Anna, is something wrong?” asked Mrs. Johnson, Anna’s mother as they drove home from school. Her older daughter and younger children were all laughing and talking together but fourteen year old Anna was not joining in. In fact she’d been exceptionally quiet all that week.

“No ma’am,” Anna muttered.

“Are you sure?” He mother asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

Later that evening Anna picked at her food, not bothering to join in the laughter and conversation going on around the table. Finally, Mrs. Johnson asked in an exasperated voice, “Anna did something happen at school? You’ve hardly spoken to anyone all week.”

“I said nothing’s wrong Mommy!” Anna snapped.

“Anna,” her father interjected softly as Anna’s voice started to rise.

“Why can’t you just be like Shaquelle and say when something is bothering…” Her mother began again. However, before Mrs. Johnson could get the words out of her mouth Anna jumped up and pushed her chair forcefully underneath the table.

“Shyquelle, Shaquelle, that’s all I ever hear around here,” Anna shouted. Why can’t you do this like Shaquelle Anna? Shyquelle gets all A’s Anna why can’t you? Shyquelle this, Shyquelle that, I AM NOT SHYQUELLE, MY NAME IS…”

“ANNA!” Her father shouted sternly. “Do not shout at your mother! Now apologize at once.”

“But Daddy…” Anna started.


“That’s just like parents,” Anna muttered angrily under her breath. “They say they want you to talk and when you do they say you’re being rude.”

“Young lady,” her father said getting up from his seat.

Even in the height of her anger Anna recognized that tone, she knew that look and she knew not to push any further. She looked around the table at the shocked faces of her older sister Shyquelle and her younger brother and sister. Tears of anger hurt and frustration built up in Anna’s eyes but she refused to let them fall.

“Sorry for shouting Mommy,” she said her voice trembling. “May I be excused, I’m not hungry.”
I think that would be best," her father said tersely, still upset by what he saw as Anna being rude to her mother.

Anna quickly left the dining room. As she turned away the tears she was trying so hard to hold back began to fall. She walked quickly to her room and closed the door. She threw herself across her bed and clutched her pillow tightly to her chest and the tears began to pour down her cheeks and she began sobbing uncontrollably.
GT Magazine Sept/Nov '08

What is wrong with Anna? Write in and share your thoughts.

(This story is strictly fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental)

Oct 1, 2008

Lessons from the Olympics

Once and only once every four years I become an eager sports enthusiast. During that time I can be found glued to my television watching basketball, volleyball, gymnastic, diving, swimming, track and field, you name it and I probably watch it.

I’m sure by now (even without the heading) you’ve guessed I mean the Olympics. I’ve watched many triumphs and disappointment during the two weeks of the Olympics.

I watched athletes make mistakes, fall down and get back up. I’ve rejoiced and commiserated with athletes from home and around the world and I learned a few lessons along the way that I’d like to share with you.

The favorite doesn’t always win. (Don’t ever count yourself out)

Don’t be over-confident. The ‘gold’ does not belong to anyone. You still have to put forward your best effort to win.

Mistakes happen! Don’t let them stop you from finishing your race even if you don’t achieve your desired results.

Discipline is important – It’s impossible to achieve your goals and realized your dreams if you are not disciplined.

Hard work pays off!!! I listened to the stories of some of the athletes. I didn’t hear of one lazy athlete that made it to the Olympics…

Hope a few of these lessons will resonate with you at the beginning of this new school year. Have a great year and remember to do your very best!

GT Sept/Nov '08

Sep 28, 2008

Prayer for My Guardian Angel

By LaChante Williams

I pray you see
Where I have not seen
I pray you straighten me
When I start to lean

I pray unconditional love
Into your ever-loving heart
I pray that when you are done with me
I'll be your priceless work of art.

My guardian angel sent to guard and protect
I pray that your job you will never neglect
I also pray blessings on you
Anointed by God and anointed brand new
I pray your beauty never to fade
Or your soul for money you never will trade

The love from my angel I cannot measure
The time spent together I'll forever treasure
I know there is a special place in heaven for you
And I pray that one day I'll shine just like you

(Dedicated to ALL my guardian angels...
especially my mummy and Auntie Bernie)

Sep 27, 2008

Giving God Your Best

I'm over here today

If you were ever going to make a promise to me about anything and my siblings were near, they’d probably whisper to you, “Don’t make Bernie a promise unless you’re pretty sure you’re gonna keep it because she’ll hold you to it.” And unless there’s a VERY good reason I expect promises made to me to be kept even those made by children… Stop by Laced With Grace to continue reading.

Sep 17, 2008

Spotlight on Chardonae Rose

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to leave your home, family, friends, everything you hold near and dear for one whole year? That sounds scary doesn’t it? What high school student does something like that? Well, this issue’s Spotlight Teen, eighteen year old, Miss Chardonae Rose did exactly that.

This former Jack Hayward High Head Girl after graduating in 2007 (with quite a few awards) spent a year in Ecuador as an exchange student, in essence doing twelfth grade a second time in a strange country.

Usted habla espaƱol? Well neither did Chadonae. In fact this daring young lady knew only basic Spanish going into this experience. But did she let a little thing like not being able to speak the language stop her? Not a chance. This former honor roll student was not going to let fear hold her back from the experience of a lifetime.

How were you selected for the exchange program? After going through the long application process, I had to wait to be called by Rotary for my interview which ended in "Chardonae you are a very impressive young lady."

How did your parents feel about you leaving home? At first they didn't want me to go until Mrs. Ward (my prefect advisor) convinced my mom to let me go since her daughter was recently on the same exchange program.

Were you studying Spanish before you went to Ecuador? I studied Spanish in Junior High but I only knew basic Spanish.

How long did it take you to become fluent in Spanish? It took about four months. (Only four months to become fluent in Spanish? WOW! You really are impressive)

What was your biggest fear going into this experience? Well, I didn't really fear anything I was just excited to get there and learn Spanish.

What was your most memorable moment? This question is so hard because my whole year was very memorable. I had many experiences with my Ecuadorian friends and family that it's so hard to say which one was my most memorable.

Was there a moment when you wanted to quit and return home? Well, in late November I got really homesick but I didn’t want to quit, I just wanted to go home for Christmas and return (even though I knew that wasn't allowed). After speaking to my Ecuadorian friends who kept encouraging me that I would be home in no time I felt better. Then on Christmas morning, I had a long talk with my mom and she made me feel better and I didn't feel home sick after that day.

How was the school environment different from that in the Bahamas? I went to a different type of school. In the Bahamas I went to a public school but in Ecuador, I went to a private military school. Every morning we had assembly and they revised our uniform. I loved my school a lot!!

How have you benefited from this experience? Well, I was given the opportunity to learn Spanish along with the opportunity to learn about Ecuador, its culture and its people. Now I have many homes that will welcome me whenever I decide to return. In fact, I would love to return in December. Also, I was given the opportunity to build close relationships with my exchange friends from all over the world.

What are some of your dreams/goals for the future now that you’re back home? I would like to study Environmental Science so that I can become an environmental specialist/research scientist. I am planning to go off to study in the USA or start here and go off later in January.

What advice do you have for young ladies who may be afraid to try new experiences? I would tell them that we only have 1 life to live so have fun and try it. Well, it all depends on what exactly it is. But, I do encourage young ladies as well as young guys to go out and get that international experience. I spoke to many people upon my return home and lots of people were like "Wow! I can't believe that you actually stayed in another country and lived with people that you don't know for a whole year." My whole experience was wonderful! I regret nothing about my exchange year thanks to the Rotary Club.

Girl Talk Magazine
Sept/Nov '08

Sep 16, 2008

Back to School

A Mother's Advice
By Cleora Williams

As a mother of two daughters (one a teenager), I try to give what I feel is practical advice. I am always mindful of the fact that parents, (mothers) are not always right (and all teenage girls say…..) and so every now and then I would welcome some response from readers who disagree or even those who agree with me. It would be all worth it to know that even the smallest bit of advice in the articles is making a difference. So ladies please let me hear from you.

With that said, once again a new school year has begun. As you begin the new school year, I cannot emphasize enough the need to study. I’m certain that each young lady is in a different place academically, so I encourage each of you to make every effort to maintain or improve your academic standard. Remember each new school year takes you closer to your ultimate career goal. So remember ladies. STUDY, STUDY, STUDY

Secondly, as you begin your new school year, do not focus solely on your outward appearance (I must say that you look great), but be mindful ladies that your inside should be as gorgeous as your outside. By this I mean that you should have a good attitude towards your school work, your classmates and of course your teachers. Remember the beauty within.

Finally, as a parent I want you to respect and care for your environment. I heard an education official asking parents to tell their children about respecting school property, as each year there were such costly repairs. So to reiterate, I say to you ladies remember that you spend six hours a day, five days a week in school so I am certain you want you surroundings to be as clean and comfortable as possible. How about this, you be that good example by keeping your surroundings clean. Further, I would say ladies respect yourselves, your fellow classmates, your teachers and of course your environment.

As always young ladies, I remind you of your worth. God’s word in Ephesians 2:10 states – “for we are His (Gods) workmanship, created in Christ Jesus. And then in Psalm 139:14 it says I will praise thee: for I am wonderfully made. Remember ladies you are priceless originals who cannot be purchased.

God bless you all.

Girl Talk Magazine
Sept/Nov '08

Sep 15, 2008

Bloggy Gifts

Thank you Denise for these lovely awards that brightened my day.

If you're reading this and you need your a little something to brighten your day, grab these awards. Don't have a blog... that's okay, print this out as a thank you from some of the people you've inspired along the way.

Sep 11, 2008

Achieving your Dream

A dream is a wish your heart makes… have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through…,” sang Cinderella in the Walt Disney classic.

For most of us “girls” you don’t have to tell us twice. We love to dream about the future and what we think it should hold. The question is, how do we get beyond the dreaming and believing stage?

As many of you long time Girl Talk readers know I am an avid believer in the importance of having a dream. However, simply having a dream is not enough.

Believing in your dream is not enough.

By now you’re probably wondering, “What’s the point in having a dream?” Well, keep reading…

Achieving your dream is the ultimate goal but how do you get there? There are many steps between having, believing and achieving. There may be many different variations depending on who you talk to but here are a few I found useful.

Think about it often. Work your dream out in your mind. Think about exactly what you want to accomplish.

Talk about it. Dreams seem more real, more achievable when we share them with people we trust. Many times they encourage us to hold onto our dreams and not give up before we achieve them.

Plan for it. How are you going to accomplish this dream? What do you need to do to achieve it? Make a plan, write it down and refer to it often.

Act on it. Begin working your plans, doing those things necessary to help you to achieve your dream.

Finally, pray about it. Every step of the way, remember the most instrumental thing in helping you to achieve your dream, prayer.

Matthew 19:26 says “…but with God all things are possible." Therefore, talk to Him about your dreams and goals for the future. He wants to see you achieve them and He will give you the wisdom you need bring your dreams into reality.

Girl Talk Sept/Nov '08

Aug 27, 2008

And we interrupt this pity party for...

I'm over here today

Have you ever had one of those days where you decided to throw yourself a big pity party? You didn’t invite anyone but before you could really get into your pity party an uninvited guest showed up? Well this happened to me at the beginning of the summer…
Do stop by Laced With Grace to continue reading.

Aug 22, 2008

Where did summer go?

Can anyone tell me why summer vacation days disappear so quickly?

On Monday, after a delightful, relaxing summer vacation, I'll be returning to something that looks like this...


I'll have a few days to get it looking something like this...

Because the following Monday I'll be welcoming a new class of smiling faces similar to this...

How was your summer vacation?

Aug 4, 2008

Fairy Tale

The Bible’s just a fairytale,
So many people say
We don’t accept those fables
In our modern world today
The creation, crucifixion and
The resurrection too
Is completely unbelievable to
us educated folk

Well maybe I’m “uneducated”
Or just a “foolish girl”
But I believe the Bible,
Every single written word
I’d rather believe a fable and
Find that it’s untrue
Than to not believe at all
And find too late, it’s true
Wouldn’t you???

Jul 28, 2008

Baking with Chakara and Talice

My niece Chakara spent last week with me and somehow I found myself promising that we would bake chocolate chip cookies before she went back home.

Since she was leaving Wednesday evening, on Wednesday morning armed with the ingredients and a sheet with a recipe from kraftfoods.com we set out to make chocolate chip cookies.

We started putting in all the ingredients and was almost ready to start putting the cookie dough in the baking pan (I don’t own cookie sheets) when I remembered, “oops, we forgot the brown sugar.”

We quickly added in the brown sugar, but before we could put the first set of cookie dough on the sheet, there was a knock on the door. Our cousin Talice who lives next door came over and of course she wanted to join in the fun.

At the end of two or so hours I had a very untidy kitchen and



and this

After the cookies were cooled they were packaged up for both girls to take home. I had no intention of testing my will power by keeping any of them at my house:)

Thanks kraftfoods.com, the cookies were certainly delicious, now if I could get some help cleaning my kitchen next time...

Jul 26, 2008

Daily He Provides

I'm over here today

Wouldn’t it be great if we woke up one day to find that all of our debts were paid and we had a daily allowance to live on?” I asked my brother recently...

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Jul 24, 2008


I'm still always thrilled when I see a young lady deeply engrossed in an issue of Girl Talk. She did not even realize that I had my camera trained on her.

Jul 18, 2008

Sandra’s Triumph

“Accidents don’t happen to people like me,” or so I thought. So I got into a car with someone who’d been drinking. Bad choice!! That one mistake almost cost me my life. In fact it’s a miracle that it didn’t. So my advice to you is, don’t be like me! Don’t think that bad things can’t happen to you because I’m a living witness that it can and it will, if you don’t make the right choice.
GT June/August 2004

Sandra paused and looked up at the full auditorium then continued her speech.

“I wrote the short article that I just read a year and a half ago after recovering from an accident that could have taken my life. After the accident I wanted to give up so many times because every thing about my life had changed in just one moment of time including my appearance. However, with the help of our school’s guidance counselor, my family, you my friends, teachers who refused to let me quit, and later a new found faith in God I was able to pull it together. Now I stand before you as your Valedictorian, proof that out of bad situations good can come if you’re willing to work hard and trust in God.” Sandra paused again as the auditorium erupted in cheers and applause. Then she continued her speech.

“Class of 2008, we have experienced many things during the course of our high school, journey some good and some not so good, let’s hold on to the good.

We’ve received words of wisdom from teachers and administrators let’s use them to help us become better, wiser, stronger young adults.

We’ve formed friendships over our time here that I hope with the help of texting, messenger, Facebook, My Space and Hi5 will last a life time.

So as we say goodbye to the carefree days of high school I would like to say to our parents, it’s because of you that we’re here; because of the times you hugged and those when you yelled at us. We love you and thank you for your love and support.

To our teachers and administrators, thank you for never giving up on us even when we pushed you to the limits and made you wonder why you ever joined the teaching profession.

Finally to you class of ’08, I say remember, don’t ever allow yourself to be defined by your mistakes, always remember to reach for the heavens that you may fall among the stars. I’ll see you there as we all soar together.

Sandra walked to her seat to the sounds of the standing ovation given by the graduating class and the rest of the auditorium.

GT Jun/Aug '08

If you would like to read the introduction to Sandra’s story the links are below

Part 1 Sandra's Mistake

part 2 Sandra's Decision

Jul 10, 2008

I'm No Angel

I’m no angel
So don’t expect me to be
I’m just an ordinary girl
With human frailties

I’m going to make mistakes
As I try to find my way
So if my halo’s a little crooked
Don’t worry, I’ll be okay

I’ll say the wrong thing
As I try to express myself
I know what’s inside me
But the words don’t come out right

Please know that I am trying
To be the best that I can be
But don’t expect me to be perfect
The pressure is too much for me

I want to make you proud
You know I really do
But don’t set impossible standards
For me to aspire to

If it’s perfection you want
Then I’m going to disappoint
Because the pressure to be perfect
Takes all the joy from life

Pressure to be Perfect

I wrote the above poem in response to a conversation I had with several young ladies who confessed to feeling pressured to be perfect little “angels” all the time and to feeling overwhelmed by our high expectations of them.

Well girls, I’ll concede only to this, we probably shouldn’t expect you to be perfect since none of us are. However, just as our creator has bigger dreams for us than we can ever imagine so do we have big dreams for you. We will always want you to excel and reach for goals that may seem far beyond your reach. So my dear young ladies, would you settle for one out of two?

GT Jun/Aug '08

Jul 9, 2008

A Work in Progress

I'm over here today

This summer among other things, I am working on a writing project that has me on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster, some days laughing, some days crying and some days laughing through tears.

I'm at LWG today. Do stop by to read the rest.

Jul 5, 2008

Spotlight on DeAnthia Adderley

I pray for our Bahamaland to get back to the way it was because now-a-days I'm afraid to go out with my friends because you don’t know what to expect and what can happen. DeAnthia Adderley

What is something that you pray for often? This was one of my questions to this issue’s Spotlight Teen. Her answer shown above speaks of the type of person that this young lady is. Sixteen year old DeAnthia Adderley is a twelfth grader at Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy. She is known both for her helpfulness in the home and in her church. She is such an exemplary young lady that she has been chosen as Youth of the Year for two consecutive years at her church.

One of DeAnthia’s proudest moments was when she overheard one of the younger youths saying, “I would love to be the type of person that Dee is.” That simple comment encouraged DeAnthia to try to always set a good example because she is aware that there are young girls who look up to her as a role model.

DeAnthia has a proven track record for being a responsible young lady. She held the position as president of her school’s Junior Achievers program for one year and feels that her company has done very well under her leadership. This young lady is also very athletic and loves to play volleyball. She plays with a community night league as well as her school’s volleyball team.

Although DeAnthia is excited about her future and leaving high school she has one regret DeAnthia who fell short of the honor roll wishes she had placed more emphasis on excelling academically even as she focused on developing other areas. Her advice to young ladies about this very important area where she has fallen short is “remember that your teachers already have what you’re now trying to get. Don’t feel as if you are hurting them when you don’t do your best.”

In DeAnthia’s own words

What is something that has really impacted your life? That would probably be the death of my godfather. He was a person who had a smile on his face everyday. His passing made me realize that no one is going to be here forever and that we should make the best out of each day because we never know when it will be our last.

What are some of your dreams/goals for the future? After graduation I intend on finding a job, I will attend classes in the night and to get my Associates in Computer Information System and Business Management.

What will you remember most about high school? The things that I will remember the most about high school is the teachers that are dedicated and have a passion for teaching and would not give up until they know that you understand what is being taught to you, also, the guidance of my principle he talks to us as thought we were his own children, and oh, can’t forget those $4.00 lunches ☺.

What do you think contributes to young ladies not living up to their potential in high school? Some of the reason young girls may not live up to their potential in school may be that they’re too focused on their boyfriend, who is he talking to and wondering if the girl he’s talking to want to fight them because she likes him too. Also, some may be too busy trying to be the “boss of the class room.” If the teacher says something to them they show attitude because they want to show their friends that no one is going to boss them around.

What words of advice do you have for those young ladies you’re going to leave behind when you graduate this June? My advice to them is to stay focused in class. Every bit of information that the teacher is telling you grab on to it. Try not to get into trouble because like my principal tells us at every assembly, “You’re writing your transcript and no one want something bad on their transcript.” Also, be on you best behavior and follow the rules because what boss wants to employ a person with a bad attitude and no manners who doesn't follow the rules?

How would you describe yourself in one word? “Blessed" because every morning I can wake up with a roof over my head, a fan blowing breeze in my face and peaceful. I call myself blessed because I have two parents that love me and a family I wouldn’t give up for the world …”

What would you like young ladies to remember about you after reading this article? I would for them to remember that I kept my feeling as real as I could and that I spoke from my heart.

GT Jun/Aug '08

Jul 1, 2008

Why Not Teaching?

By Mrs. Veronica Ferguson

What is God’s purpose for your life and how will you fulfill his will in your chosen career ? What do you want to be in life? As I left high school I had many and more of these questions buzzing around in my head. As you leave High School think about what you love to do most. What is it that you see you self doing ten years from now and enjoying it while making living from it.

I have been a teacher for almost twenty years and I am still passionate about what I do. I make a difference in the lives of children and that influence will last for a life time. Teachers are special people whom God, our master teacher in his divine wisdom has ordained as heritage keepers in a world where children are our most precious resources. Teachers are God’s special assistants who go about daily assisting with the planting of dreams in the minds of young people everywhere. This job demands only the best of the society.

Teachers are educational evangelists. Where would you be without the vision and leadership of a good teacher? Great Teachers make a difference in the lives of children. Teachers are powerful advocates and models of excellence, as they believe that all children can learn and never give up on their students.

As we move into a more global market economy, more opportunities are created for stable teaching positions. However, this new call for teachers demands those who are passionate about children and learning. Those special agents who want to be extravagant about changing lives, eliminating ignorance and creating responsible leaders.

Finally, ask yourself three simple questions as you consider teaching:
Am I willing to commit to life long learning, growth and discipline?
Am I enthusiastic about shaping and molding the characters of young people?
Am I willing to be a part of a movement that does not have all the answers but is looking for dreamers and visionaries to carry out its mission?

Why do I teach? I teach because I love children. I teach because my encounters in the lives of my students are priceless. I teach because it gives wings to my faith in God. I teach to show children that there is still love in the world despite their experiences. I teach because teaching is the job that demands the most courage. Look deep within yourself. Do you have that courage?

Mrs. Veronica Ferguson
Professor, College of the Bahamas,
School of Education, Northern Campus

GT Jun/Aug '08

Jun 27, 2008

Helping at Home

The Woman You’re Becoming part II

My niece Chakara recently spent the weekend with me and one of the things I noticed was how helpful she was. She willingly helped me prepare breakfast and clean up afterward. She was also willing to assist me with whatever chores I was doing (during commercials of course)

Why is it that most little girls love to assist with cleaning, cooking, baking and anything that helps to the point that they sometimes get in the way but, fast forward a few years to when they become teenagers the same work that they nagged Mommy or Auntie to allow them to assist with now becomes drudgery? It’s now something to complain about and sulk over.

A girl should have her full share of responsibility in the home. She should go about her work willingly, not as if it were an irksome duty which she was ill-disposed to perform.
Mable Hale, Beautiful Girlhood page 121

Girlhood years are supposed to prepares you for womanhood. The assistance you give at home during that time between girlhood and womanhood prepares you for when you are on your own, whether it’s your dorm room at college, your first apartment or when you have a home and family of your own. The ability to cook and clean doesn’t suddenly appear when you become an adult. It is developed during your girlhood and teenage years.

When I was growing up and I didn’t want to do my chores, my mother would always start in on me, “Girl, how you going to make it when you have your own house? If you don’t learn how to clean, people won’t be able to get into your house because the dirt will meet them at the door.”(Yep, my mother was not known for mincing words). Believe me, I didn’t have a choice, I learned to clean.

I’ve never found anything particularly glamorous or pleasant about cleaning chicken, peeling potatoes, washing dishes or scrubbing a toilet but they’re tasks that have to be done if I want to eat and live in a clean environment, (and I like doing both). So I try to do these things with a good attitude because, what’s the point of making myself miserable over something that has to be done?

During this summer, why don’t you surprise your parents? If you’re not your usual charming self when you have to do household chores I challenge you to try something different this summer. Assist more at home without being asked. Also, for you older teens, cook a meal for your parents to come home to instead of waiting for someone to come home and cook for you. Go ahead… I dare you, and do feel free to write in and tell me about your summer of helpfulness.

GT Jun/Aug '08

Read The Woman You're Becoming part 1 here

Jun 23, 2008

Ten Things... From a Mother's Heart

By Cleora Williams
For this issue of Girl Talk I thought I’d do something a little different so instead of writing an article from a Mothers perspective I compiled a list of ten (10) things I want my daughters to know about me, about our relationship.

Although our individual list may vary I am certain that most mothers would agree with the items I’ve listed.

(1) Trust us (we will not knowingly mislead you)

(2) We want the best for you in every area of your life.

(3) We love you unconditionally (Only God himself loves you more than we do)

(4) We want you above all things, to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

(5) We have high standards set for you. We know that you're not perfect, but we believe in you.

(6) Value yourself. (your mind, your body, your soul, you are priceless you cannot be purchased)

(7) Enjoy the stage in life you are at, don’t be too anxious to get to the next level it will come before you know it.

(8) You do not have to give in to peer-pressure or follow the crowd, be the unique person that we know you are.

(9) Be proud of who you are. Take pride in all that concerns you (not only dressing up)

(10) We (Mothers) are not the enemy; we are your biggest supporters. Talk to us, we want to hear what you have to say

GT Jun/Aug '08

Jun 17, 2008

His Word in My Heart

I'm over here today

Your Word have I hid in my heart, that I may not sin against You.
Psalm 119:11

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Jun 3, 2008

If I were not here tomorrow

I'm over here today

Have you ever thought, "What if I were not here tomorrow?" I have. Stop by Laced With Grace and read my thoughts.

May 31, 2008

Eight Years of Girl Talk

In case you wondered why Girl Talk's 7th year has only three issues, that was the year my mother died and I wasn't sure that I wanted to continue with Girl Talk. However, thanks to the encouragement of family and friends I decided not to stop.

May 26, 2008

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Poor, poor, pitiful me?” Maybe you got up one morning and everything in your life had changed. Your parents were fighting, your best friend blabbed your innermost secret all over school and your teacher picked on you all day for seemingly no reason at all. Anyone of these things would seem like ample reason to go into the self pitying refrain, “Poor, poor, pitiful me.” “Why does bad things always happen to me?” “Why did God let this happen?”

Don’t feel bad though, you have lots of company. Most people, have moments when all goes wrong and are guilty of thinking, and yes sometimes saying, “poor, poor, pitiful me.” Some people however are capable of rolling with the punches and playing with whatever hand life deals them without sinking into despair.

During the summer I spent a lot of time with a family member who was paralyzed as a result of a serious car accident. The amazing thing is I never once heard him say, “Poor me” or “Why did this happen to me?” If he thought it I never knew it from his actions. Instead of sinking into self-pity and depression he continues to keep a positive mental attitude. In fact he made me rethink every time I thought to myself, “Poor me.”

The fact is the poor, poor, pitiful me routine serves no purpose at all. It doesn’t actually make situations any better. I read a quote somewhere that said, “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” So think good thoughts! In the midst of every problem you are faced with there is something that you can be thankful for.

So when you are having one of those horrible, terrible, no good very bad days and it seems like everyone is picking on "little ol' you" have a good cry then suck it up and begin to count your blessings. By the time you’re done you’ll be to much in awe of how blessed you are and how good God is to be thinking “Poor, poor, pitiful me.”

Girl Talk Sept/Nov '03

In looking through old issues of Girl Talk trying to pick some of my favorite articles I immediately picked this one. I didn't realize at the time that I'd be posting it on the birthday of the person I wrote it about. So "Handsome" if you happen across my blog today, you're still my inspiration, I love you and Happy Birthday.

May 23, 2008

Waiting for True Love

by Kristin Yarbrough

His hands moved up her back; his lips caressed her neck. True love waits. This isn't love, Alex thought, but it feels good. Yeah, true love waits, but waits for how long? How much? As long as she didn't go all the way, right? She broke away from him and glanced at her ring and whispered the inscription, "True love waits." I wonder if my true love is waiting for me...

Through various slogans and discussions, the female population has been taught to wait for true love. But wait for what? Wait to date? For a kiss? For sex? Well, I offer you this insight, as a college girl who has had her heart broken many a time and is currently waiting for true love.

Let's start with something "simple": dating. Personally, I think, girls shouldn't start dating until they're emotionally ready, which varies with the individual. Society creates too much hype about the importance of having a boyfriend. I swear we've got it all wrong. In junior high, a couple didn't actually go anywhere, but we called it "going out". In high school, two people like each other and then are considered an "item" and dating. But does anyone really date anymore? If you were to time warp to our parents generation, you'd find that dating meant taking more than one person out and then "go steady" with someone that you liked more than the restof the people you've dated. Today it seems like we have it backwards. Most of the people I've observed become a couple before actually dating. Sadly, this leaves young women lost in the world of men that actually want to date (more than one person at a time) without having a serious relationship.

My suggestion is this: get to know yourself first. You can't ever dump yourself! You'll always be there! Once you've taken care of yourself, get to know the people you're interested in. From there, take it easy. Be open with the person of your attention and be honest about your dating views.

Next, if you date, set boundaries. Here's one way to set boundaries (Read before actually trying it!) Close your eyes and picture the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don't give him a name or a face, just imagine his shadows. Imagine that it's your wedding night. He turns to you and smiles. He leans in close and whispers ever so gently, "Honey, after knowing you for ______ years, I've finally fallen in love with you and have promised to share the rest of my life with you. I've waited for you since I can remember. The only thing I've ever done is...." Is? I don't want an is! I want it to stop at "remember". Okay, highly unlikely, but hey, that's my fantasy! Here's your job: take what you filled in at the end. If you feel truly comfortable knowing that your potential mate has been that intimate with someone else, rather than waiting for you, then that is where your
boundary line lies. Just remember, you may be okay with his experience, but he may not be comfortable with yours.

Romance and love is special--make it special. Why waste all those glances, poems, smiles, and kisses on just anybody? Waiting for someone special, especially for true love, shows that you value the next person you date so much that you considered your relationship before you even met. What if a guy did that for you? Wouldn't that just make you get that "aw-gee" look on your face? So from me to you, dear reader, please remember, "True love waits… for marriage"; we're all worth waiting for!

This article appeared in the Dec '01/Feb 02 issue of Girl Talk. It was submitted by a college student that I've never met. This became one of my favorite articles because of the great advice she offered to other young ladies.

May 20, 2008

Girl Talk 8th Anniversary

June 1, 2008 will be the eighth anniversary of Girl Talk Magazine. As the years go by I’m always encouraged by the interest of a new set of young ladies and their parents to continue the work.

(Girl Talk's First Year)

(Preteen reader and helper)

Twany, proofing and giving advice from a teen's point of view.

Some of the initial readers of Girl Talk have graduated from high school, college and are working in their chosen careers while others have also married their prince and started their own little families. It’s always great to meet up with some of them and hear their stories and I’m hoping that during Girl Talk’s ninth year that I’ll be able to do updates on some of them.

During the rest of this month I’ll once again be sharing some of my favorite articles as well as readers’ favorites.

May 19, 2008

Dealing With Difficult Times

I'm over here tomorrow (Tuesday)

Stop by and read my thoughts on dealing with difficult times.

May 5, 2008

A Heavenly Reminder

I'm over here today

Have you ever gotten a heavenly reminder about something you may have forgotten? I have.

Do drop Laced With Grace and read my post.

May 3, 2008

The Days of Youth

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth,…
Ecclesiastes 12:1

In spite of the fact that I’m no longer considered a youth I still think of myself as young, some days anyway. However, there are days (usually when I try to complete one hundred different tasks) when the reality hits me that I’m no longer a teenager. The level of energy and ability to go like the energizer bunny isn’t always there anymore,*big sigh* .

This is why Solomon encourages us to remember God and find him while we are yet young. When you are young you are in the prime of your life, full of energy and excitement. Why not use that for God? Instead of going your own way in your teens and early adult years why not go God’s way? Channel some of that excitement and energy that seem to be synonymous with youth into building God’s kingdom. Give God the best you have to offer, your heart, yourself, your youth…

I promise that if you will give these things to God now that you’ll find the rest of your life to be so much richer. You’ll never look book at your teen years and say I’m sorry I gave my life to God so soon. I wish I had waited and accepted him later in life. Most people I’ve encountered who gave their hearts to God whatever the age usually say, I wish I had done it sooner.

Apr 22, 2008

The Reality is...

I'm over here today

The past few years has brought an interesting shift in the television industry. Years ago when I was growing up there was an abundance of comedies, sitcoms and game shows on television. However today they’re really not as popular any more. Today, it’s all about reality.
Do drop by and read the rest of my post.

Apr 8, 2008

Don’t Give Up

I'm over here this evening. (Please forgive my late posting)

Have you ever had a dream you’ve felt like giving up on? I have.

Do drop by and read the rest of my post.

Apr 7, 2008

Peace be to these streets in Jesus’ name.


A troubled mind; a broken heart,
A hopeless end; a rocky start,
A cry for help; a cry for hope;
A cry for strength for him to cope.

But no one sees him and no one hears,
No one will help him and no one cares
His searching soul Satan will attack
His troubled mind Satan will snatch.

His idle hands Satan will use
To render pain and much abuse
His broken heart turns into stone
And angry teen stands all alone

He is violent, he is sad
He is lost, he is mad.

This drifting life gets in a fight
It’s all he knows, he thinks its right
A blade is drawn, a gun is too,
The blade stabs the gun shoots

A body drops, a voice still cries
Someone help me! Don’t let me die!

But now he’s gone and it’s too late
That violent road shouldn’t have been his fate
No one would hear him and no one cared
And when he cried we stood right there.

We see the tears, we hear the voice,
Christian people we have a choice
To stand up tall to stand up proud
To scream it out, to say it loud
That there’s a way, that is THE WAY
Let there be peace on these streets today!

We have a light that we must share
A message of peace we must declare

Peace be to our streets don’t let Satan use another life,
Claim it, proclaim it!

In the name of Jesus Christ.

GT March/May 08

Apr 3, 2008

Almost There (Fiction)

Diary of a High School Senior

Dear Diary,

I can’t believe it’s almost here. I am less than four months away from my high school graduation. I am so excited! I can’t wait for June to come so that I can be an official high school graduate.

My family is beginning to get excited especially Mommy although she’s trying hard not to let it show. She told me that she was very rebellious when she was my age and in spite of her mother’s warnings she was determined have fun and do whatever she wanted to do. She was only sixteen years old when she had me and she dropped out of high school. I think she’s a little bit afraid that I’ll follow in her footsteps especially since her mother had her when she was in high school also.

I’m determined that I’m going to break the cycle though. I see how hard Mommy has worked over the years to provide for me and make a better life for the two of us. She really has changed from the stubborn teenager she told me about. I’m not going to let her down.

I’ll admit there were times when I gave her a hard time, got into trouble with my teachers, and didn’t get the kind of grades I know I was capable of but thankfully I came to my senses before it was too late for me, I only get in trouble once in a while now, lol. I’m so grateful to have people in my life who believe in me. One of those is my Accounts teacher. She always motivates me to do my very best. In fact she was on my case so much that I tried harder just so I could get her off my back. She really cares about her students and not only about our grades in her class but in the other subject areas as well. I didn’t really like Accounting in the beginning but now I’m thinking about becoming an Accountant. I haven’t decided yet but we’ll see.

I know I haven’t graduated yet but I’m so proud of myself. Not bad for a girl who people said was going to be “just like her ma and grandma.” I’m going to make it diary! I’m not just going to finish high school but I’m going to college also. In less than four months my first goal will be accomplished. I can’t wait!

A soon to be high school graduate
March 2008

Girl Talk Magazine March/May 08

Mar 28, 2008

Smile... You're On Candid Camera

I'm over here today

Have you ever had one of those "Smile... you're on candid camera moments?" As a teacher I've had many.

Do drop by and I'll share one with you.

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