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Sep 29, 2007

An Atheist Answered

Once an atheist asked a Christian lady if she believed the Bible was true. "Yes," said the lady. "Then," said the atheist, "tell me how a whale swallowed Jonah as a whale's stomach is no bigger than a man's head."

"I don't know," said the lady; "but when I get to Heaven I will ask him." "What if Jonah is not there," said the atheist. "Then you ask him," said the lady.

Sep 27, 2007

To Thine Own Self Be True

To thine own self be true! William Shakespeare penned these words many years ago. However, to me, they are still relevant, fresh and true. Many times in our lives as ladies we try so much to live up to the expectations of others-our parents, siblings, friends, boyfriends, etc.- that who we are, our uniqueness, individuality, what makes us special, is sometimes lost in the shuffle.

Sometimes in life we may find it’s easier to conform to what people want us to become because, it may minimize the risk of being rejected or hurt. Nevertheless, in the times when you want so desperately to conform ask yourself, “Am I being true to myself?” Is this really who I am?” Is this who God has predestined me to be? If it’s not, you need to rethink, is it really worth it?

Why should you be the one to conform? Your thoughts, your dreams, your ideas are important. You have something unique and special to contribute to society. However, how will you do so if every time someone comes up with an idea that is different from yours you give up your idea and conform to theirs’? People will not respect your ideas or values if you act as if they are unimportant.

India Arie sings a song “Strength, Courage & Wisdom, part of it says

Inside my head there lives a dream that I want to see in the sun
Behind my eyes there lives a me that I've been hiding for much too long
˜Cause I've been, too afraid to let it show
˜Cause I'm scared of the judgment that may follow
Always putting off my living for tomorrow
It's time to step out on faith, I've gotta show my faith
It's been illusive for so long, but freedom is mine today
I've gotta step out on faith, It's time to show my faith
Procrastination had me down but look what I have found, I found

Strength, courage, and wisdom
And it's been inside of me all along,
Strength, courage, and wisdom
Inside of me

I remember a preacher saying once, "you're not here to blend in. You're here to stand out. No one will ever notice you if you blend in." God made each of us unique and wants us to be different, He doesn't want us to be like everyone else. He wants us to become the person he's called us to be. Proverbs 3:5-6 says;
Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.

So I encourage you to Trust God! Talk to him about your future and he he will direct your path. Also, remember Shakespeare’s words, to thine own self be true. At the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror. Are you being true to the one that is staring back at you?

Sep 26, 2007

How Hungry Are You?

I'm over here today, talking about spiritual hunger.

Do join me and if you will, answer the question, How hungry are you?

Sep 17, 2007

Divine Interruption

"They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses?"
~ Martin Luther ~

Sandra mechanically raised her hands and sang along with the words of the praise and worship song. However, the words didn’t register in her mind. It was Sunday morning she was in church because as a Christian, that’s exactly where she was expected to be. However, she was just going through the motions. The service was having no real impact on her because although she was there in body her mind was far, far, away.

Sandra was thinking about everything that had gone wrong during the week. She carried on a silent conversation with God, as mechanically responded to everything that was going on in the service.

“Why God?” she silently asked. Why so much turmoil? Why is life so difficult right now? Why are so many things going wrong?”

While Sandra was having her one sided conversation with God, the pastor came on. She didn’t even realize at first until he read a quote he said had touched him that week. Sandra gave a surprised burst of laughter when she heard the quote not even noticing that the people around her stared in amazement. She gave her full attention to what was going on as the pastor began reading from James chapter one

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,
3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.
4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1: 2-4

“We must go through trials,” he continued as he finished reading. “If you’ve never experienced trials in your life then you’re not growing as a Christian. It is the way you handle your trials that brings about spiritual growth and maturity."

Sandra’s eyes grew misty as her pastor made reference to Dr. Martin Luther’s quote again.

“If Jesus himself experienced hardships, why do you expect your life to be trial free?” He asked. “Remember Dr. Martin Luther’s quote as you go about your daily work this week”, he said as he quoted it again,

“They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses?”

“There you go again God,” Sandra whispered. “There you go again, stepping all over my toes, when I was just about ready to have myself a great big pity party right up in your house.”

Sandra smiled at the pastor as he greeted her on the way out. “You spoke directly to my heart today Pastor,” she said and with a quiet “thank you,” she went smiling through the door thanking God for interrupting her pity party.

Visit Iris for more on this thought provoking post.

Sep 15, 2007

The Courtroom

Reluctantly, fearfully, trembling,
I stood within the courtroom
With head bowed and shoulders slumped
With shame I stood.

My crimes were read one by one
I knew I was guilty of everyone
As I waited for the verdict
A single tear rolled down my cheek

I knew within myself
There was no hope for me.
I did not deserve forgiveness
For the things that I had done.
If I could not forgive myself
How could anyone?

Another tear rolled down my cheek
As I saw a juror stand
We find the defendant guilty he said,
On every count

I waited fearfully for my sentence
I dared no raise my head
Though I thought the situation hopeless
Still I offered up a prayer

As I stood there with shoulders slumped
And cheeks stained with tears
I heard my attorney say
Guilty but forgiven, Your Honor,
You’ve got to set her free

On that note I raised my head
And stood in shock and disbelief
As the shackles that bound me
Were instantly released

I screamed and shouted and praised the Lord
As tears streamed down my cheeks
Jesus delivered just as he promised
Against all odds He set me free.

Sep 14, 2007

Out of the comfort zone

I'm over here today, talking about one of my favorite biblical characters, Nehemiah. Do come and join me.

Sep 6, 2007

Study to show thyself approved...

As you are now back in school for a new school year I would like to encourage you to do your very best! There are a few people who may be able to get good grades without ever studying but unfortunately, most of us don’t fall into that group. Hence, if you want to get the good grades you have to be willing to work for it.

I have always admired students who are disciplined and self-motivated. Those types of students enjoy praise just like anyone else but are motivated to work even without it. My nephew Jamere is one such student. He is high on my list of people I admire. He’s now 19 years old and in college however, from the time he was a little boy he was disciplined with his studies. No matter what was going on Jamere always found a quiet place away from the noise to study.

I took the above photo of Jamere one Sunday afternoon at my parents’ house. Everyone else was laughing and talking but Jamere in the midst of it all took out his book to study. As a result of his hard work, he graduated as valedictorian of his high school class two years ago and is now making top grades in college. I often tell him that I wish I were more like him when I was in high school but, my story reads quite differently.

There are so many times in life when we desire to have certain things or but we are unwilling to work for it. One of those things is good grades. However, the Bible says,
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15

This scripture does not only apply to the word of God but can apply to your schoolwork as well. So whether you're a high school student, college student or student of the word, I encourage you to work hard and do your very best.

God bless an have an excellent school year!

Sep 2, 2007

Laced With Grace New Address

FYI, Laced With Grace (the devotional blog that I write for) has a new address. www.lacedwithgrace.com Be sure to change your link to include the new address.

Also, be sure to join me there on Tuesday for my post, But for the grace of God...

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