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Mar 25, 2008

Spotlight on Jade Moses

What would make a teenager leave home to go to a place she’s never been before as a missionary?
This question came to mind the moment nineteen year old Jade Moses from Newnan, Georgia, told me that she was in the Bahamas for six months as a missionary. Jade became a Christian at the age of 16. According to Jade she was a rebel and hated the world. However after she became a Christian everything about her changed including some of her friends.

Jade graduated from high school in May 2006, however during her senior year she started studying Culinary Arts and graduated from West Central Technical College with a degree in Culinary Arts in October 2007. She plans to use those skills to assist her in working her way through college where she plans to get a degree in Counseling.

During her time here Jade rooms with another young woman twenty-six year old Lisa Patzer who has been here just a little longer than Jade. The two of them met only once before coming here but both felt that it was something God wanted them to do. Jade and Lisa work with several churches on the island assisting with Sunday school classes, cleaning, visiting people, praying, witnessing and generally showing the love of Jesus and helping in whatever capacity they can. Although Jade is here as a missionary she acknowledges that she has also grown in her walk with God due in part to Lisa’s influence.

One of the things that surprised Jade since she’s been here is the fact that many people here attend church regularly and are quite knowledgeable about the Bible but are not necessarily Christians. She had an opportunity to witness to and pray with a woman who according to Jade “knew the bible better than she did but was not saved.” Thankfully, she saw what she was missing by not having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In Jade’s Own words
What part of being a missionary do you enjoy most?
I enjoy meeting all the people and learning how they live. I also enjoy helping with the youths.

Do you find it difficult being away from your family and how do your parents feel about you being so far away from home? Yes it’s difficult, I miss my mom the most at time but talking about them and e-mailing them have helped me. My parents support me fully they tell me what I am doing is what God has planned for me.

Is your trip to the Bahamas what you expected? No, my expectations were very different I truly though you lived like I did but it so different from the states in how the people down here talk and how they raise their kids in the church.

What do you hope to gain personally from this experience? Confidence in who I am and who I am in God and the strength to stand up for what I believe in and to know what I believe is scriptural.
Who inspires you most in life and why?

I’m inspired by Lisa, she has had a very hard life and through it all she still thanks God everyday and tries to follow his word daily. Also, she has pushed me to read my Bible every day for an hour or more she has asked me about things that I believe and pointed where the are in the Bible. In fact, one of my goals in life is graduate college and be able to help people in their walk with God as Lisa has helped me.

Do you have any words of advice for young ladies who have not yet made Jesus their choice? It is hard for girls my age to have passion for things they can not see but when you choose to follow Jesus he will open your eyes to the love he has for you and his love will never leave you nor hurt you. Also, know who you don’t try to be what your friends want you to be. You are a true gift from God and he wants you to follow what he says and not what man says.

GT Magazine March/May 08


Denise said...

May God sweetly bless Jade all the days of her life.

eph2810 said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story about Jade and Lisa serving as missionaries in your country :)

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