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Oct 6, 2008

Anna's Frustration Part 1

“Anna, is something wrong?” asked Mrs. Johnson, Anna’s mother as they drove home from school. Her older daughter and younger children were all laughing and talking together but fourteen year old Anna was not joining in. In fact she’d been exceptionally quiet all that week.

“No ma’am,” Anna muttered.

“Are you sure?” He mother asked.

“Yes ma’am.”

Later that evening Anna picked at her food, not bothering to join in the laughter and conversation going on around the table. Finally, Mrs. Johnson asked in an exasperated voice, “Anna did something happen at school? You’ve hardly spoken to anyone all week.”

“I said nothing’s wrong Mommy!” Anna snapped.

“Anna,” her father interjected softly as Anna’s voice started to rise.

“Why can’t you just be like Shaquelle and say when something is bothering…” Her mother began again. However, before Mrs. Johnson could get the words out of her mouth Anna jumped up and pushed her chair forcefully underneath the table.

“Shyquelle, Shaquelle, that’s all I ever hear around here,” Anna shouted. Why can’t you do this like Shaquelle Anna? Shyquelle gets all A’s Anna why can’t you? Shyquelle this, Shyquelle that, I AM NOT SHYQUELLE, MY NAME IS…”

“ANNA!” Her father shouted sternly. “Do not shout at your mother! Now apologize at once.”

“But Daddy…” Anna started.


“That’s just like parents,” Anna muttered angrily under her breath. “They say they want you to talk and when you do they say you’re being rude.”

“Young lady,” her father said getting up from his seat.

Even in the height of her anger Anna recognized that tone, she knew that look and she knew not to push any further. She looked around the table at the shocked faces of her older sister Shyquelle and her younger brother and sister. Tears of anger hurt and frustration built up in Anna’s eyes but she refused to let them fall.

“Sorry for shouting Mommy,” she said her voice trembling. “May I be excused, I’m not hungry.”
I think that would be best," her father said tersely, still upset by what he saw as Anna being rude to her mother.

Anna quickly left the dining room. As she turned away the tears she was trying so hard to hold back began to fall. She walked quickly to her room and closed the door. She threw herself across her bed and clutched her pillow tightly to her chest and the tears began to pour down her cheeks and she began sobbing uncontrollably.
GT Magazine Sept/Nov '08

What is wrong with Anna? Write in and share your thoughts.

(This story is strictly fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental)


Sisters of Faith said...

Oh Bernadine...I think that very story played out in my house at least once a month! Having two daughters, very opposite in personality had is difficult moments. Even though I don't remember ever comparing the two to either one of them, I did so in my private conversation with the LORD, and even sometimes with Jeff...I am sure they sensed it.

Very very good story. I know it will cause your young girls to think,...I'm not YOUNG and it made me think!

I am so glad you have been along with us for our journey with Jesus Bernadine...He is doing much in my life...Love you sister!

eph2810 said...

We all have different personalities. Not sure what is wrong with Anna, but one thing that should never happen. That parents compare their children to each other. We only raised one son, so I was not in the situation to have a comparison. But my parents never compared my sister and me. My sister is the total opposite from me...the only common thread we have is our faith and having the same parents...

Danielle said...

Umm I htink personally from experience that maybe Anna is tired of being compared to her sister or sisters and that she probably feels that her parents don't understand her.

But that's just my view as a teenager with an older sister

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