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Nov 12, 2009

Lost... Are You Blindly Following?

I have to start this post with a disclaimer. I am really not as ditsy as the following is going to portray me to be, really I’m not. That being said…

As I turned the key in the lock I could hear the phone ringing. With a sense of embarrassment I went to answer. My friend didn’t even give me time to say hello. “What happened? I was so worried! In another ten minutes I was going to call the police!” My answer, truly I had no idea what had happened.

It was after 10:00p.m about two weeks before school reopened. Two friends and I had been decorating our classrooms. I live five minutes away from school in one direction and one of my friends lived less than ten minutes away from school in the other direction. She mentioned to us that she had some extra materials at how home that we could have and since she would not be coming out the next day we decided to go to her house and get it.

Three people, three cars, five minutes drive, simple huh? You’d certainly think so.

Instead of going to my friend’s house the way I’m familiar with I decided to follow her. Keep in mind that I am directionally challenged especially at night. The problem…? My friend went an unfamiliar route, she drove much faster than me and she had no idea I was following her.

If you’re picturing this in your mind you can probably guess what happened next.

She lost me.
I took a wrong turn.
I got totally lost… in.the.dark.

By the time I had driven around for about thirty minutes praying and anxiously darting in and out of corners, I came to the beginning of the street I usually took to her house. However, by that point I was so frazzled that every corner seemed dark and unfamiliar oh, and did I mention that I didn’t have my cell phone? Finally as I noticed the gas tank nearing E I said, “You know what Satan, you win this one. I’m going to the one place I’m sure I know how to find, MY HOUSE!”

Why this long story? Because I’ve also been there in my Christian walk, blindly following when I should have been paying attention and listening to His voice speaking to me. Those times I have ended up a bit hurt, a bit bruised but a whole lot wiser.

As I reflected on my experience of being lost 5 minutes from home I heard my heavenly father saying to me; “My daughter, I will always be home to you. When you stray, lose your way always know that I am your refuge, your hiding place.”


Denise said...

Bless you dear.

Dionna said...

Great analogy to use in encouraging others to not blindly follow someone else but to follow God with their eyes wide open for themselves.

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