June 1, 2010 I published the last issue (at least for a while) of Girl Talk my teen girl magazine. Since this blog was originally designed for the purpose of publishing weekly devotions for the magazine and later the magazine itself I decided to create another blog that isn’t connected to Girl Talk.

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Feb 1, 2010

A Place for Me

“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”~ Charles Spurgeon

“You made it!”
“ Congratulations!”
“Well done!”
“Good to see you!” “
Praise the Lord!”

I can imagine the excitement as the snail probably the last animal to arrive, made its way into the ark. The journey had been long and difficult. There were many obstacles to overcome along the way but finally tired, but excited, by perseverance the snail reached the ark.

The thought that came to my mind as I read the above quote was, a place for me. There were many animals on the ark, tall, short, beautiful, not so beautiful, fast, slow etc. The small, slow seemingly insignificant snail in today’s world may probably have been overlooked. However, there was a special place reserved on the ark just for that snail. The ark was not complete without the seemingly insignificant little snail.

We all feel insignificant sometimes especially around people who seem smarter, more talented, more beautiful or more creative than we are. However, just like there was a place on the ark for the snail there is a place for each of us. God gave each of us talents and special gifts and there is a place in this world for each of us to use them. However, like the snail we have to keep our goals in sight and persevere in spite of whatever obstacles we encounter along the way.

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