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Apr 23, 2010

Which Road?

Have you ever read the poem The Road Less Travelled? It is about a man who went on a journey. During his journey he came upon crossroads. He decided to take the one that not many people had traveled before him. At the end of his journey looking back he said that taking the road less traveled had made all the difference in his life.

I was reading the poem recently and for some reason I thought about Abraham and Isaac.

What is the road less traveled? In my opinion, the road less traveled is the road with the tough choices. It’s one that not many people voluntarily choose to go down. It’s the one Abraham chose. Isaac was Abraham’s promised son but Isaac was what God asked of him. Stop by Laced With Grace to read the rest of this post.

I'm over here today.

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eph2810 said...

I truly enjoyed your thoughts on the poem.
It is not easy to make tough choices; I know that I have not made the best choices at time. But I know that even though I might fail in making the right choice, God is faithful and will never forsake me.

Love & peace,
<>< Iris

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