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Feb 1, 2007

Let Your Light Shine, Part 2

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Life Lessons from the story Alicia's Light

Quotes in italics are from the story Alicia's Light in Part 1

"As the evening grew darker Alicia became more and more afraid. She was totally lost and had no idea which direction to turn. ... Consequently, Alicia ended up missing her turn to K’deidra’s house and walking down a dark deserted looking area. "

1. Good people can sometimes end up in bad situations.

Alicia had been to her friend’s house many times before but that one night she got lost. She also thought she was prepared in case of an emergency, but she wasn’t. When she really needed it to, her light did not shine.

What about you? As teens and young people there are many times you may feel that you are prepared to handle a lot of situations that may arise in your life. However, there may be times when the situation may be beyond you. For example you may hang around with friends who do not have the same values as you. They may encourage you to drink, swear or participate in whatever they’re doing and you may say no nine times out of ten. But, what about that one time when you’re not strong enough and you give in? You had been strong around your friends all along but that one time you got distracted, you wanted to fit in so you gave in.

There are times you may feel that you are prepared for something but you may not be as ready as you think. For instant the big debate these days among young people is that they want more freedom, they want to date, they want to enjoy life. However, can you handle the freedom? Are you as strong, as prepared as you think you are?

“Oh my goodness" Alicia thought to herself, "I forgot to check my batteries and they’re dead. What am I going to do?"

2. Be sure to evaluate yourself every now and again

Alicia had a flashlight, she was certain that she was prepared in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, when she needed her light it was of no use to her because her battery was dead, she had not checked her light. How often do you evaluate yourself? Do you check yourself to see how strong your beliefs and values are? Can your beliefs and value system stand the test of peer pressure? Do you evaluate yourself to see if you have strong boundaries for yourself? If you wait until you’re faced with peer pressure and other temptation before you try to set boundaries or decide what you will and will not do you would have already lost the battle.

"Jesus help me!” Alicia cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. I’m scared, I don’t know what to do help me.”

3. When you're in trouble seek help.

In the story when Alicia realize that she was lost and that she really couldn’t get herself out of the situation she called for help, in that situation she called on God. Who do you call to when you need help? There are some situations you will find yourself in as a young person that will be totally beyond your capabilities. However you have choices, you can stay in it and let it totally overwhelm you or you can get help. God has placed people in your life who are capable of helping you to get through any situation you may find yourself in but, it’s up to you to utilize that help. If you hold your problems to your chest no one can help you.

Check back on Saturday for Part 3

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eph2810 said...

This is so true. If we don't stay close to Him, we can loose very easy our way. Our boundaries get blurred and we only reach out when we can't handle life's pressures any more...I am looking forward reading part three. I have to remember to come back :)

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