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Jun 14, 2007

Prom on Grand Bahama

From colorful airborne balloons released from impressively decorated vehicles to reenactments of the Cinderella and Prince Charming scene, from delightful paige boys and shy flower girls escorting elegantly dressed couples, to energetic trumpeters, dashing dancing, young men and charming young ladies… Prom time on Grand Bahama is usually quite a show. Hundreds of spectators line the sidewalks to watch prom goers make their entrance. They are always in for a treat and show their appreciation for the free show by their awe struck oohs, aahs and loud applause.

Young ladies choose their dresses weeks and sometimes months in advance. On the day of the prom they usually spend most of the day in the beauty salon getting hair, nails and makeup done, wanting to look their best for the grand event. Unfortunately many do not really enjoy the prom because they get so caught up on preparing for the event that they're often too tired to enjoy it.

So a word of advice to you who are planning your prom, remember that it's all about you! Relax! You don't have to impress anyone. It's your prom, enjoy! Have some good clean fun with your friends. Also remember, prom usually is a celebration that signals the end of your high school career. However, it also signals the beginning of something... your life as an adult. Consequently, don't make a decision at the end of one stage of your life that will negatively influence the beginning of the next stage. Don't begin your new life as an adult with a mind that has been clouded with alcohol. You can have fun without it. Your future looks bright! Don't mess it up by choosing to drink or have sex on Prom night. Have fun then go home and dream about the future...college, a great career, your own business, a family of your own... the possibilities are endless.

Seeing that tomorrow night is prom night for several graduates whose photos frequent the pages of Girl Talk I thougth I'd post this old GT article again.

Congratulations Ladies, have fun at the prom.

Girl Talk Magazine
June/Aug 02

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eph2810 said...

Wow - it sounds like a huge event on Grand Bahama.
I think your advice is just awesome - there can be clean fun at events like that.
Be blessed today and always.

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