June 1, 2010 I published the last issue (at least for a while) of Girl Talk my teen girl magazine. Since this blog was originally designed for the purpose of publishing weekly devotions for the magazine and later the magazine itself I decided to create another blog that isn’t connected to Girl Talk.

I’ll probably still publish book reviews or other items here now and again but you’ll more often find me at Trusting Him with Today. I hope you’ll stop by

Jul 4, 2007

An Invitation...

My daughter,
How can I say it to make you believe it…
I love you!

I have great plans in mind for you.
I have your life all planned out.

I have blessings in store for you that you will not believe.
I have people whose lives you must affect.
I have places your feet must trod,
But this can only happen if you accept me.

Invite me into your heart.
I want to fellowship with you.
I want you to know me in the fullness of my resurrection.
I want to be your best friend.
I want to be your confidant.

When you’re sad, blue and in need of someone to talk too,
I want to be the first person that comes to your mind.
When you’re bubbling over with laughter and joy
I want to be the first friend that you tell about your good tidings.

I love you!
I only want good things for you.
I want to make your life richer, fuller, complete.
But you have to want me.
I cannot force you to accept me but, I wait in hope that you soon will.
However, don’t wait too long.
Remember, now is the acceptable time.
Behold now is the day of salvation.

I love you my child,


Linda said...

A beautiful, touching poem Bernadine.
I've come by to welcome you to the LWG team. I'm very new myself, but I know you are going to be blessed as you bless others. I look forward to getting to know you better.
Have a blessed day!!

Lynn said...


This is beautiful. I can invision Jesus speaking it to me. It fills my spirit and my heart with laughter, hope and joy.

Also, glad you are joining us at Laced With Grace. Have a fantastic Monday. Love and hugs, Lynn

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