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Jul 23, 2007

Letting go…

Today I spent most of the day going through some old papers getting rid of the ones that there was absolutely no likelihood I was ever going to need again and organizing the ones that I wanted to keep. The job turned out to be a bigger one than I thought it would be and I’m still not quite finished yet. The reason why it’s so difficult is that I find it so hard to let go.

Do I really need my visa receipts from four years ago? Do I need to keep every birthday card I’ve ever received? Do I need to keep all the cute little notes my students gave me some dating back to my first year of teaching? Probably not but letting go was still very difficult…

Isn’t it just like life in a way? There are some things in our lives that serves no useful purpose except to clutter up our lives but yet it’s difficult to give it up. These things can take the form of friendships, sports, hobbies even doing good works. Many times we hold these things dear to our heart but they sometimes cause us to spend less time developing our relationship and walk with God.

What do you need to let go off today?

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eph2810 said...

Oh, girl, there is just too much clutter in my house -- and some in my heart. I really need to get down on my knees to see what He wants me to get rid off...
Thank you for your thought-provoking post.

Blessings to you and yours.

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