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Jul 18, 2008

Sandra’s Triumph

“Accidents don’t happen to people like me,” or so I thought. So I got into a car with someone who’d been drinking. Bad choice!! That one mistake almost cost me my life. In fact it’s a miracle that it didn’t. So my advice to you is, don’t be like me! Don’t think that bad things can’t happen to you because I’m a living witness that it can and it will, if you don’t make the right choice.
GT June/August 2004

Sandra paused and looked up at the full auditorium then continued her speech.

“I wrote the short article that I just read a year and a half ago after recovering from an accident that could have taken my life. After the accident I wanted to give up so many times because every thing about my life had changed in just one moment of time including my appearance. However, with the help of our school’s guidance counselor, my family, you my friends, teachers who refused to let me quit, and later a new found faith in God I was able to pull it together. Now I stand before you as your Valedictorian, proof that out of bad situations good can come if you’re willing to work hard and trust in God.” Sandra paused again as the auditorium erupted in cheers and applause. Then she continued her speech.

“Class of 2008, we have experienced many things during the course of our high school, journey some good and some not so good, let’s hold on to the good.

We’ve received words of wisdom from teachers and administrators let’s use them to help us become better, wiser, stronger young adults.

We’ve formed friendships over our time here that I hope with the help of texting, messenger, Facebook, My Space and Hi5 will last a life time.

So as we say goodbye to the carefree days of high school I would like to say to our parents, it’s because of you that we’re here; because of the times you hugged and those when you yelled at us. We love you and thank you for your love and support.

To our teachers and administrators, thank you for never giving up on us even when we pushed you to the limits and made you wonder why you ever joined the teaching profession.

Finally to you class of ’08, I say remember, don’t ever allow yourself to be defined by your mistakes, always remember to reach for the heavens that you may fall among the stars. I’ll see you there as we all soar together.

Sandra walked to her seat to the sounds of the standing ovation given by the graduating class and the rest of the auditorium.

GT Jun/Aug '08

If you would like to read the introduction to Sandra’s story the links are below

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Denise said...

May God bless dear Sandra.

Angie said...

Well of COURSE I've got to read the rest!!!!

Angie said...

LOVED it all!!! That was an incredible story. I loved the scripture references you had listed for the "Decision".

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