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Jul 1, 2008

Why Not Teaching?

By Mrs. Veronica Ferguson

What is God’s purpose for your life and how will you fulfill his will in your chosen career ? What do you want to be in life? As I left high school I had many and more of these questions buzzing around in my head. As you leave High School think about what you love to do most. What is it that you see you self doing ten years from now and enjoying it while making living from it.

I have been a teacher for almost twenty years and I am still passionate about what I do. I make a difference in the lives of children and that influence will last for a life time. Teachers are special people whom God, our master teacher in his divine wisdom has ordained as heritage keepers in a world where children are our most precious resources. Teachers are God’s special assistants who go about daily assisting with the planting of dreams in the minds of young people everywhere. This job demands only the best of the society.

Teachers are educational evangelists. Where would you be without the vision and leadership of a good teacher? Great Teachers make a difference in the lives of children. Teachers are powerful advocates and models of excellence, as they believe that all children can learn and never give up on their students.

As we move into a more global market economy, more opportunities are created for stable teaching positions. However, this new call for teachers demands those who are passionate about children and learning. Those special agents who want to be extravagant about changing lives, eliminating ignorance and creating responsible leaders.

Finally, ask yourself three simple questions as you consider teaching:
Am I willing to commit to life long learning, growth and discipline?
Am I enthusiastic about shaping and molding the characters of young people?
Am I willing to be a part of a movement that does not have all the answers but is looking for dreamers and visionaries to carry out its mission?

Why do I teach? I teach because I love children. I teach because my encounters in the lives of my students are priceless. I teach because it gives wings to my faith in God. I teach to show children that there is still love in the world despite their experiences. I teach because teaching is the job that demands the most courage. Look deep within yourself. Do you have that courage?

Mrs. Veronica Ferguson
Professor, College of the Bahamas,
School of Education, Northern Campus

GT Jun/Aug '08

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