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Dec 1, 2009

The Good Old Days

Bring back da good ole days, let the children run and play, Teach them how to stay in school, live by the golden rule,

Bahamian singer Sweet Emily belts out with feelings the lyrics in her nostalgic ode to the past, Bring Back Da Good Ol’ Days. It is a reflex action for me to turn up the radio and sing along when I hear this catchy tune.

During my childhood I can remember hearing my parents refer many times to "da good ol’ days". The days when all of the neighbors were your friends, the days when you could go shopping, leave your doors opened, come back and nothing would be missing. They also talked about taking lunch to school in brown paper bags, owning one pair of shoes and one suit of church clothes…and the list goes on.

When my parents talked about the good old days it sounded surreal. One pair of shoes? One suit of clothes? Do we really want to go back to "da good ol’ days?" Definitely not! However, I appreciate the sentiment behind the song.

Through the pain of the present it often seems as if everything in the past was brighter, happier, more peaceful, and maybe it was. As the holidays approaches I feel myself yearning for the good old days of just four Christmases ago; a time when it seems in my mind that all was well.

When life in the here and now proves difficult, the call of the good old days sounds strongly in my ears and, if I allow myself I can sink into depression yearning for a time that has already passed by. However, when I was living what now seem like “the good old days” I probably reflected on an earlier time in my life and thought it more perfect.

What happened to those days the good old happy days, we need to bring them back …

To a certain extent I agree with Sweet Emily. The good old days were good… back then. It helped to mold us into who we are today. However, today we don't literally want to go back But, let's take all the positive things we can from the good old days, apply them to today and make today and tomorrows better.

So as December goes by and Christmas draws nigh I’m sure many days I’ll think about Christmases past. However, I won’t allow thoughts of the past to take away from my enjoyment of the here and now, because one day I want to be able to look back with the same type of smile I saw on my parents’ faces and say, “those were da good ol' days”

This is a rewrite of an article I wrote for Girl Talk several years ago.


Denise said...

Amen sweetie.

Faith Imagined said...

I LOVE this line, "let's take all the positive things we can from the good old days, apply them to today and make today and tomorrows better." What a postive way to reflect on the past! Thank you for this great post!

eph2810 said...

That is so true. There many things from the good ole' days that I miss. I really like what you day here: 'let's take all the positive things we can from the good old days, apply them to today and make today and tomorrows better.'

Thank you so much for sharing from your heart.

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