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Dec 18, 2006

Christmas at my House

Christmas at my house... hmmm. Just saying it brings back memories of waking up Christmas morning to wonderful aromas, hearing my mother moving around in the kitchen preparing the Christmas meal, listening to her scold my dad for getting in the way, which by the way still happens.

There was never a lot of gifts at my house when I was growing up, sometimes we got books and pencils, other necessities or prehaps a toy, because in a family of eight children there often wasn't enough money for extravagant gifts. However, looking back I don't think of how deprived I was because, the gifts would have been long gone. I think of how blessed I was. My house was always filled with laughter, love, good cheer and lots and lots of food.

Present day in my house is not much different from 20+ years ago, except the family is much, much larger. We still don't concentrate so much on the gifts, although don't get me wrong it's always nice to get gifts. But, Christmas at my house is still about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, family, friends and food :)

We go strictly traditional at my house at Christmas. My dad, my five brothers and older nephews usually grab all of the seats at the table and my mom, sisters and sisters-in-law are usually serving the food. You notice I didn't mention myself, well being the youngest I can still make myself scarce without being missed to quickly. (If I miss the serving I usually get stuck with kitchen duty afterwards though)

My favorite part of Christmas at my house is when we gather as a family, while Mommy prays for the entire family. Her prayer always sets the tone for the entire day. Along with that treasured tradition is the annual, can't do without, back to the past trip. This is where we all just sit around, usually after Christmas dinner, and reminisce about when we were younger, how different things were back then, tricks we played on each other (like when my brother Enoch talked me into let him give my doll a haircut. He convinced me that it would grow back.) We still call those days, "da good ol' days".

That's Christmas at my house. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

Written December 2005

Things have changed in my family since Christmas last year. My mother is no longer with us. So Christmas 2005 will forever be in my memory.

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eph2810 said...

I just read your tribute to your mom...I am sorry that you will be without your mom this Christmas. Just think about the day you all will be back together and feasting at His table...
Merry Christmas, Bernadine :)

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