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Dec 26, 2006

The Beauty of Solitude

Times of Refreshing

Maybe it stems from being number eight in a brood of eight. Maybe it’s because growing up in a large family I’ve always had to “fight” for time alone. Maybe it’s because at times I just enjoy my own company. Whatever the reason, from the time I was a child until this very moment I have always craved, seek and fought for my moments of solitude.

I enjoy being able to be alone to reflect, to meditate on the word of God, to curl up and visit old friends through the pages of a good book, listen to music, sing dance or just sit and enjoy the silence and the peacefulness of my self-imposed solitude.

I find that the times of solitude is a necessity in my life. It gives me time to rejuvenate when I’ve given all I can for a time. It helps me to reflect on some of the blessings in my life, family, friends, possessions, peace of mind, health strength… It also renews me for when it’s all over.

I’ve also found out that one of the most beautiful thing about solitude is knowing that when I want it to end all I have to do is take a walk outside or simply pick up the phone and dial a number. That’s the beauty of solitude; knowing that it isn’t forever. Friends, family, company are only a phone call away.

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Anonymous said...

"That’s the beauty of solitude; knowing that it isn’t forever."

That's so true - there is such a fine line between solitude and loneliness. I find I need a mixture of alone time and people time - I can get a little despondant spending lots of time on my own, but can get a little irritable if I am constantly with people. When I'm on holiday with others, I sometimes just need a little walk on my own to clear my head!

A quick aside - With a name like McIntosh, you must have Scottish ancestors?

Thank you for your first Carnival of Beauty submission!

Barbara H. said...

You said perfectly what I was thinking, only a lot more concisely. :) Well done.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your beautiful reflections!

eph2810 said...

I love to have peace and quiet sometimes - it truly is a time of refreshing :)

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