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Dec 15, 2006

Gifts I'd Like to Give

There are a few gifts I’d love to give this Christmas if only they were mine to give…

First of all, I’d love to give every young lady I come into contact with the ability to see that she is a person of value, with special unique qualities.

Next, I’d like to help her understand that her destiny is in her hand and the future that she wants is hers if she’d but follow God’s plan.

Then, I’d like to help her realize that life is not going to pass her by if she’d delay a few pleasures and focus on her goals.

Finally, if I had the ability this Christmas, I’d dry every young lady’s tears, erase every disappointment, calm every fear.

Yes, if I had the ability, I’d really do it if I could. But, one thing I can do young lady is let you know that you are loved.

God loves you, you are special, a part of his perfect plan, trust him and he’ll guide you into realizing the dreams you may think are far beyond your reach.

(I wrote this piece for Girl Talk Magazine several years ago, but I thought this was an appropriate time to share it again.)

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eph2810 said...

That is precious Bernadine. I think girls in today's society need to hear that. There is so much pressure on them -- even from their own friends. God loves them -- not only their bodies, but their mind and soul :).

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