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Apr 1, 2007

Slow down!

Crash!!! There it lay on the floor shattered. In spite of my best effort to catch my lovely little precious memory figurine that I had received as a gift it fell through my hand. In my rush to dust the shelf where it was I had knocked it over.

“Slow down” I whispered to myself as I looked sadly at the broken pieces at my feet. I felt upset with myself because I knew I could not put it back together again even if I tried. I also knew that it could have been avoided if I had simply slowed down and paid more attention to what I was doing.

Sometimes life itself seems to be a race to get from one stage to another. One of the ways many young ladies often rush their lives is getting involved in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships before time. This often leads to them becoming sexually active at a young age. Popular television shows, magazines, music, romance novels etc. seem to promote this “race” to grow up.

In the majority of the television shows for teens, most of the leading characters are involved in relationships where there is either a lot of making out, or actual sexual intercourse involved. In fact even the “family shows” seem to endorse this. On Seventh Heaven for example, one of the main characters sixteen-year old Ruthie Camden has a boyfriend whom she frequently makes out with and is battling with whether or not to go further.

Like Ruthie Camden, you may feel like being a teenager or being involved in a relationship makes you an adult but it doesn’t. You’re still a girl, an adolescent, a young woman… a relationship does not make you an adult. It is unfortunate, that a teen remaining sexually pure seems like such an old-fashioned view in today’s modern society. However this should not make you feel abnormal. Just because it seems as if everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. God’s ultimate plan for sex is still within the bounds of marriage.

When you rush headlong into relationships you may find, your dreams shattered and your heart broken into tiny little pieces just like my precious memory figurine. But before that happens I’d like to say to you as a friend, an older sister if you will, slow down!!! The fact of the matter is this, if you live long enough there’s no exception, you will become an adult. Why rush? Enjoy this moment in time, I promise you life will not pass you by if you decide to simply slow down and enjoy being a teen without the drama of a grown up relationship.

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