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Dec 13, 2007

Pages of Life

Something to think about as another year comes to an end.

As you look back on the pages of your life you'll be filled with awe that your heavenly father has brought you so far. you'll see pages that are tear stained where you'd cried, from some pain or broken heart that seemed too hard to bear... but you did.

You'll see pages that bring a smile to your lips because it reminds you of some long forgotten joy... you'll be glad you remembered.

You'll see pages of dreams and expectations you'd long given up on... maybe you'll need reminding.

As you turn the pages of your life you'll fine many different themes; sorrow, joy, hope, love, expectation, hurt, anger... they will all be there. But as you turn each page you'll sense Jesus' presence there.

He was with you when you laughed with joy...

He was with you when you sighed and cried...

He was with you when you were angry...

He was with you when you were glad...

He was with you when you didn't even know he was there.

So as you turn the final few pages on this year in your life, thank him and remember that by his grace there are hopefully many more pages to go and if you'll let Him he'll be with you as you turn them all.

GT June/Aug 2004 *edited*

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