June 1, 2010 I published the last issue (at least for a while) of Girl Talk my teen girl magazine. Since this blog was originally designed for the purpose of publishing weekly devotions for the magazine and later the magazine itself I decided to create another blog that isn’t connected to Girl Talk.

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Sep 28, 2008

Prayer for My Guardian Angel

By LaChante Williams

I pray you see
Where I have not seen
I pray you straighten me
When I start to lean

I pray unconditional love
Into your ever-loving heart
I pray that when you are done with me
I'll be your priceless work of art.

My guardian angel sent to guard and protect
I pray that your job you will never neglect
I also pray blessings on you
Anointed by God and anointed brand new
I pray your beauty never to fade
Or your soul for money you never will trade

The love from my angel I cannot measure
The time spent together I'll forever treasure
I know there is a special place in heaven for you
And I pray that one day I'll shine just like you

(Dedicated to ALL my guardian angels...
especially my mummy and Auntie Bernie)


Carol Van Atta, Princess Warrior said...

Lovely poem! God bless you.

Denise said...

I am back online, have missed you my friend.

Angie said...

That is absolutely precious! Straight from the heart...a beautiful sincere heart for the LORD.
As you could tell Bernadine..I am a bit stretched...and so I used one of the Bible Study posts for my Laced with Grace...thank you for your sweet comment---you endured reading it twice!

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