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Dec 2, 2008

Choosing to win

Pop! goes the starting gun and off they go. It’s the 200m at the Olympics and Debbie, one of the Bahamas’ golden girls is ahead. The crowd is going wild! A group of Bahamians has a section of the bleachers for themselves chanting in unison, “Debbie! Debbie! Debbie!” Followed by, “Bahamas! Bahamas! Bahamas!” There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, Debbie’s is going to win it! The Bahamas is gonna medal!

But no! Wait a minute, this cannot be happening! Debbie stopped running and as quick as that; one, two, three runners passed by for gold, silver and bronze. What happened Debbie, you were winning, why did you stop? Why did you choose to lose?

Sounds silly huh? What athlete would choose to lose the biggest event of her athletic career?

However think about your life and the choices you make young lady, how many times do you choose to lose?

Think about it, when you lie to your parents about where you’re going and what you’re doing you choose to lose your parents trust.

When you decide not to study for your exams but cheat instead, you choose to lose the respect of your teachers and your peers.

When you choose not to live your life God’s way, but rather go your own you often lose focus on your dreams and sidetrack your plans for the future.

Choosing to lose… it doesn’t make much sense does it? So why not choose to win?

You choose to win when you make good choices based on the godly, positive values your parents and other trusted adults have instilled in you.

You choose to win when you decide not to do what’s popular but do what’s right.

You choose to win when you don’t allow yourself to be defined by a mistake but get back up and prayerfully ask God to direct your path to where he would have you go.

The choice is yours, what is it going to be?
I’ll give you a hint… Choose to win!!! We’re cheering you on! We don’t want you to fail… we want you to succeed so please… choose to win…

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