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Dec 1, 2008

Why I don't have a boyfriend right now...

A teen’s point of view
By Twaniqua Cooper

“Why hasn’t he called me yet?” “What’s he doing?” “I wonder if he’s home.” “He’s not home, who is he with?”

Hey ladies, do any of these questions sound familiar to you? I bet they do. I remember trying to study for an exam and all I could think was, “why hasn’t this boy call me yet?” I could not stay focused enough to study.

We often say, “why don’t our parents allow us to live our lives and have our fun while we’re still young?” However, the truth is they are really doing the best thing for us by trying to keep us away from boyfriends while we are in school.

I did not realize how important it was to not focus on boyfriends until my first semester of college. While I was in high school, I realized that my grades were dropping because I put so much time into my boyfriend and hardly paid attention to my school work. I didn’t care of course, because I really liked the person. However, as I transitioned from a high school student to a college student it became more difficult for me. We were now “out of school” so he felt we should have been able to spend more time together. During the summer I found it ok, but when I started my college classes I realized hey, this is too much for me.

The level of work had increased and I now needed that hour I spent talking on the phone to study or do homework. This was hard for my boyfriend to understand because at the time he was not in school. We had to break up so I would be able to manage. When I was in high school I didn’t care how my grades dropped because I knew I would graduate either way, but attending college is a different story. When I don’t pass a class it wastes money and prolongs my stay at College of the Bahamas, and I certainly don’t want that.

I have not been in a relationship since I ended the one in my first semester of college. Right now, I don’t see a boyfriend in my near future. I am not saying that I would graduate and still do not have a boyfriend, because I cannot be sure of that, but I know it won’t be anytime soon. When someone asks me to get in a relationship, I let them know I am doing them a favor by not getting involved with them.

My mother sometimes teases me and asks me when she’s going to meet my boyfriend. She knows that I will tell her I don’t want a boyfriend right now so she’ll just smile. I know in her mind she says “wow after all these years she finally gets it”.

Ladies, my advice to you would be to put away the boyfriend for right now. Know that the boys will always be there. They cannot live without us. Therefore, they will keep coming our way. I say put boys on hold and give God a chance to work in your life the way he wants to. Remember that your success tomorrow depends on the right decisions today.


Anonymous said...

I Love this ADVICE; I have never heard of this one before and it just answers ALL the questions that I kept asking God about myself. Thank you and may God bless you for sharing this advice.

Salem said...

I am so glad that some one else agrees with me. I going int omy second year in college and i have never had a boy friend for the same reasons i feel it is a distraction but so many people think i am crazy

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