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Mar 16, 2009

All Work and No Play

Hello,” Shaunna said absently into the phone. “Sorry, I’m not going to the concert tonight,” she said in response to a question from her friend on the other end. “Because I’m studying!” she continued as her friend persisted in questioning her. “Have you forgotten we have BGCSE exams in less than two months?”

“But Shaunna,” Kaylin exclaimed, “Can’t you take your nose out of the books for just one evening? This is our senior year. We are supposed to be having fun! You know what they say about all work and no play…”

“Yeah, it means I get A’s and “B’s instead of the grades I got on the ones I took last year,” Shaunna responded to her friend’s persistent effort to get her to go out. “Maybe if I had spent a little more time studying and less time doing other things I would have gotten better grades.”

“Girl what are you talking about? What’s wrong with the grades you got? Do you know how many people wish they could say that they passed five BGCSEs in the eleventh grade and they have a 3.5 grade point average? You have nothing to complain about.”

“I thought it was okay last year too,” Shaunna said unhappily, “But last year, both of my parents were working and I thought they would have no problems paying my college tuition. Now, since Daddy got laid off I’m not so sure. At least if I can get rid of those two D’s I should be able to get a Scholarship to College of the Bahamas.”

“Why are you stressing about that now?” Kaylin asked a little annoyed with her friend. “You know your parents are going to make sure you go to college.”

“You know what, just in case they can’t, I’m going to do my part. After all it’s my future and I want to be sure there’s a college degree in it. Besides we went to the movies last Friday night and the Bowling Alley the week before. I think I need to study tonight. Why don’t you come over and we can study together, I have some old Geography and Math papers we can go over before our BGCSE tutoring class tomorrow.”

“Sorry girl,” Kaylin said, not sounding sorry at all. “I can’t spend Friday night going over Math and Geography when everyone is meeting up at the concert. I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you all about it.” On at note she said goodbye and went to get dressed for the concert.
“I wonder if I should take a break and just go and have fun tonight?” Shaunna thought to herself after hanging up the phone. “I have been studying a lot…”

“What would you do? There isn’t going to be a conclusion to this story, this is just something to make you think whether you’re a senior about to take BGCSEs or a ninth grader about to take B.J.Cs, what takes priority in your life, studying or fun?.

*B.J.C - Bahamas Junior Certificate

** BGCSE- Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education


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