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Mar 16, 2009

A Reason to Hope

After the tears the laughter will come...

Tori looked longingly at the bottle of prescription pills belonging to her father. "Death has to be better than this,” she thought. “I’m tired of feeling this way. Life just doesn’t seem to be worth it. No one understands how I feel. I just don’t want to live anymore…”

A few days ago I listened to the news that less than two months into a New Year three people in the Bahamas had committed suicide and two others had attempted suicide. This was unheard of a few years ago. Is this the trend for 2009? I pray not.

Let’s be real, to put it bluntly, life sucks sometimes. (Uh hmm I actually went there) Things happen that hurt you, people disappoint you, life sometimes completely overwhelm you and just when it seems like a bad day can’t get any worse guess what, it sometimes does. However even when you seem to be having the worst day of your life, suicide is not the answer.

Suicide is not the answer no matter how many unfair things may have happened to you, and they do sometimes. There is never a justifiable reason to take your own life. If you even think about suicide, talk to your parents or a trusted adult. Seek help and be willing to accept it. Try to live beyond your point of pain.

“But I would never, ever think about suicide,” you may be thinking. Well, you may never consider suicide but what if a friend confides in you? My advice, ALWAYS TELL! You are not equipped to deal with this kind of burden, BREAK THE TRUST! You may save your friend’s life.

It takes more courage to decide go on when you feel like life, family, friends and sometimes even God has not met your expectations than it does to “end it all” But, I promise you, it will get better. Psalm 30:5b states:

Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.
It seems unthinkable when you’re going through bad times to fathom that it will actually get better but it will. One day after the tears our heavenly father promises that the laughter will come… don’t lose hope.

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