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Jan 4, 2007

The Roar of Silence

Does the presence of God in your life speak so loudly and so strong in your lifestyle that it isn't necessary to utter the words I am a Christian out loud?

I began thinking strongly about this after reading Charles Swindoll's book, Esther, A Woman of Strength and Dignity. He drew attention to the fact that the word God never once appeared in the entire book of Esther.

I've read the book of Esther many times and I'm sure subconsciously I noticed that there was no mention of God. However it never really registered in my mind as an important factor to remember. The reason for this is the fact that God's presence throughout the book of Esther was so strong, vibrant and visible that it overshadowed the fact that his name was never once mentioned.

It got me to thinking, "How is my life like the book of Esther?". If complete strangers were to observe me unnoticed for a period of time would they be able to see the evidence of my savior in my life without me saying a word? I certainly hope so!

One of my goals in this new year is to let God's presence in my life speak more loudly than mere words.


Anonymous said...

Esther is a wonderful book and such a testimony to the hand that God has on our lives and his power.

eph2810 said...

Wow - thank you for pointing this out, Bernadine. I too hope that my life reflects Him. Kind of strange that living life in His light keeps coming up this weekend...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful goal. It is one of mine as well. :)

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