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Nov 18, 2007

The Lost Cell Phone

“I think you have my cell phone” I told the gentleman at the end of the phone line.

It was about 10 at night, an hour earlier I had noticed that my cell phone was missing after I returned home from a PTA meeting. I dialed my cell number from my home phone three times hoping someone would pick up. No one did but, an hour later a gentleman called because he had seen the missed calls on the phone.

"You lost your phone where?” he replied after I had already told him I had lost it at a PTA meeting. “I wasn’t even there and I’ve had this phone for a while.”

“Well maybe I transposed my phone number when I dialed” I replied, not wanting to call him a less than honest person (although I was thinking it). “Thanks for calling back.”

After I hung up from the gentleman, I checked the caller ID. It looked as if the call had come from my cell phone. However, just to be safe I called my sister.

“Steph, what’s my cell phone number?” She gave it to me, laughing the whole time. It sounded like the number I had dialed, but anyway I dialed it again expecting to hear the same, less than honest, guy answer.

What I heard was a ringing sound coming from somewhere in my house…

Yes dear reader, it truly happened. I don’t know my own cell phone number. And wasn’t I happy that I hadn’t told that nice, polite, honest gentleman to kindly stop being dishonest and return my lost cell phone.“

BTW, that's my nephew's hand holding the cell phone. My phone isn't quite as nice. I don't know why I thought anyone would want to keep it lol.

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Lynn said...


You are hilarious.... I mean hilarious and I so "get" you. This story could have been about me as well.

You are a joy in my life. Love you my sister. Thanks for joining the fun. Have a blessed Sunday. Love and hugs, Lynn

Denise said...

You are so very funny, I love you.

e-Mom said...

Lol, I don't know my own cell phone number, either! Hugs, e-Mom

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