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Sep 15, 2009

The 411 on Good Nutrition

By Camelta Barnes
Public Health Nutritionist.

Food is important, everybody needs food to live. If you are hungry, then you should eat. As long as you satisfy your hunger, it really does not matter what kind of food you give your body….right? Remember the old saying, “A belly full is a belly full”.

Think about it, does it really not matter the quality of food you give your body? Why does your body need food? Is it just to fill your stomach? A belly full of unhealthy foods may satisfy your hunger but not your nutritional needs. Food is the most basic human need, but this fact does not stop here. It must be food that provides “good nutrition".

Why should you be concern about good nutrition? Good nutrition allows you to have all the energy you need to do all the things you enjoy doing. Good nutrition gives you the nice smooth skin everybody wants to have. What about the lustrous shiny bouncy hair that most girls covet, well good nutrition can give that to you as well. You want to be included among the students that help to raise the national grade point average from a D to an A? Well once again, give good nutrition a try.

Go here for tips that will help you to get started in practicing “good nutrition”.

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Denise said...

Very helpful information sweetie.

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