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Sep 15, 2009

What Makes You Cool

Hi, my name is Bernadine and I have a confession. Promise not to tell? Okay, here we go…. I sometimes watch reruns of Family Matters.

I watched the show when it first came out in the late 80’s. However back then it was just a funny show with an annoying nerd who seemed to be oblivious to the fact that he was a NERD. Today, watching the same show with the same nerdy guy I have a totally different outlook. On this your first month back to school I’d like to share with you what I’m just now learning from Steve Urkel, Nerd Extraordinaire.

1. Be yourself! Steve in all of his suspendered geekiness (is that a word?) didn’t try to change who he was to fit in with his more popular friends.

2. Try new things: Steve, led a full life. He knew how to polka, he created things in his lab, he annoyed people:), he enjoyed life.

3. Be loyal! Steve was loyal to a fault when it came to his friends and his beloved Winslows the family he adopted without their consent.

4. Succeed in spite of difficulties. Steve’s parents were not the most loving or supportive. However, not even a less than perfect home life deterred him from striving to achieve his goals.

5. Persistence often brings success: From the very first time he saw her Steve set his sights on the lovely Laura Winslow, a girl that everyone except Steve knew was far beyond his reach. However fast forward to the last episode and we find Steve, along with being the first student in space and a host of other firsts under his belt engaged to the formerly unreachable girl of his dreams Laura Winslow. ..

Here’s what Steve thought made him cool…

Steve Urkel Quote:
“… I may not be the most trendy guy on campus, or the best looking and I'm CERTAINLY not the most coordinated. But I like myself, and that makes me cool.”

*unfortunately, I do not know who to credit the photo of Steve Urkel to.

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Denise said...

I loved this.

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