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Sep 15, 2009

Dawn & Elaine's Final Year

“I wonder what Dawn’s working so hard at already?” Elaine muttered to herself as she approached her best friend. Dawn was sitting on a bench under a tree, hunched over something in her lap. As Elaine got closer she noticed that Dawn was feverishly going over some numbers on a piece of paper.

“What are you doing Dawn?” Elaine enquired.

Dawn looked up startled. She had not even heard Elaine’s approach.

“I’m trying to see what I need to do in order to graduate on the honor roll.”

“Earth to Dawn,” Elaine said rolling her eyes exasperatedly. “You are on the honor roll, what are you stressing about?”

“No, I’m not. My cumulative average is below a three point. You remember the term when Mommy was doing her chemotherapy? My GPA dropped to almost 2.5. Even though I was back on the honor roll the next term my GPA was barely a 3.0 and my cumulative average was affected. I really don’t want that one term to stop me from being on the honor roll for graduation in June.”

“So what do you need to get in order to be on the honor roll?”

“I need to get at least a 3.5 for the next two terms in order to make it. I should be okay though, the only subject I completely failed was the physics. I’ve already signed up for extra classes so hopefully I can get a better grade in that”

“Physics! But what if you get Mr. Kenton, even the best students complain about his class, how tough he is, he doesn’t give good grades and hardly anyone does well in his class.”

“You know what Elaine, I’m not looking for anyone to give me a good grade. I plan to earn it. Besides, I’m not going to let what others say worry me. Students said all kinds of stuff about Mr. Smith’s Biology class but I found out that the students who did their work on time and participated in class had no problems at all with him.”

“Dawn, I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you didn’t quite make the honor roll. Everyone knows what a difficult time it was for you when your mom was sick. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“I’m not being hard on myself Lainie,” Dawn responded. “I just want to know that I gave it my best effort. Also, my mom is doing so well now and I want to make her and my dad proud at graduation. I may not do as well as I would like but I am going to be on the honor roll.

Both girls paused for a moment, thinking about the year before when Dawn’s mother was so sick. Lainie, recalled the gaunt, frail, joyless person her friend had become. She remembered being so afraid that if Dawn’s mother had not made it she would have lost her best friend also. Thankfully, it had not come to that and here they were now in their twelfth grade year. ..

“Uh hmm?”

“You know you can count on me if you need my help with anything right?”

A myriad of memories crossed Dawn’s mind. Memories of late night conversations, sleepovers where she cried all night because she was worried about her mom, Lainie’s halting voice praying that her mom would be alright…
“I know Lainie,” she whispered. “I know.”

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I know I said Dawn and Elaine would be graduating but they weren’t quite ready. They wanted to share their senior year with you. It’s been quite a while since my senior year so I’m a little lost. How about sending me some ideas on what should happen with Dawn & Elaine over the next few issues.

(This story is strictly fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead is completely coincidental)

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