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Sep 15, 2009

Do Hard Things... Book Review and Give Away

A teenage rebellion… this was the first thing that caught my eyes when I finally picked up my copy of Do Hard Things. When I was a teenager rebelling could bring some serious consequences if the parents found out. However this book encourages rebellion not against parents, society’s rules or God’s laws. It encourages, almost demands rebellion against low expectations.

This book is an excellent motivational tool for teens. It encourages you not to waste your teenage years doing what seems to be the norm for teenagers. It’s not enough to just do well in school, obey your parents and keep your room clean, although these things are important. These two teenage authors want teens to stretch themselves beyond what is expected of them and do hard things. The book has story after story of real teens who did great things such as; start charitable organizations, ran campaigns for political candidates, stood alone against pressure and the list goes on… I think any teenager would be motivated to do hard things after reading this book.

Now for the Giveaway

I’ve offered teens who receive the print copy of Girl Talk here in the Bahamas an opportunity to win my copy of the Book Do Hard Things. However, I'd love to give blog readers an opportunity to win a copy also. If you'd like to read this book leave a comment on this post. I'll choose a winner at the end of September. So be sure to check back. (This is my very first bloggy giveaway so I hope you'll participate:))


Denise said...

Awesome review.

Faithful Bloggers said...

I have heard so many wonderful reviews on this book. I definitely want to pick up a copy to read. Thanks for the review! I love to hear the opnions of others.

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