June 1, 2010 I published the last issue (at least for a while) of Girl Talk my teen girl magazine. Since this blog was originally designed for the purpose of publishing weekly devotions for the magazine and later the magazine itself I decided to create another blog that isn’t connected to Girl Talk.

I’ll probably still publish book reviews or other items here now and again but you’ll more often find me at Trusting Him with Today. I hope you’ll stop by

Jun 11, 2009

It is Hard

It is hard
To forget
To apologize
To save money
To be unselfish
To avoid mistakes
To keep out of a rut
To begin all over again
To make the best of all things
To keep your temper at all times
To think first and act afterwards
To maintain a high standard
To keep on keeping on
To shoulder blame
To be charitable
To admit error
To take advice
To forgive
But it pays!

- based on Matthew 7:1-2
Author Unknown


Marsha said...

Wonderful, Bernadine! Loved this. I like the poet form and the visual form as well.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Great! I need to print that for my fridge. :)

Faith Imagined said...

Love this!!!! I am going to copy it and send it to my gal buds! Thanks!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

I linked here from Marsha's blog. Just visiting, but wanted to say that this is an outstanding poem. Thanks for sharing it! I will use it in my Bible class tonight (with proper credits, of course). WB

Warren Baldwin said...

I used this poem in class and it went very well.

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