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Jun 11, 2009

Spotlight on Miss Leria Smith

By Bernadine McIntosh

In a few weeks graduation season begins. Among the scores of smiling faces this year will be this issue’s spotlight teen, the beautiful, intelligent and ambitious Miss Leria Smith. Seventeen year old Leria will be graduating with honors from St. Georges High School on the 17th of this month.

Leria attended primary school in Exuma where she is originally from and transferred to St. Georges High School in seventh grade. She left her parents in Exuma and lives with her aunt who encourages her to always do her best and reach for the stars. Although she misses her family Leria has not allowed that to deter her from doing well because one of her ultimate goals is to make them proud.

During her time at St. Georges Leria has been very much involved in the Interact Club and Junior Achievement. She is also a part of the Rachel’s Daughters Mentoring Group at her church. In her spare time Leria enjoys singing and dancing which she says relaxes her and puts a smile on her face.

This ambitious teen is excited about the future and has big plans on what she wants to accomplish. Leria has chosen the field of Pediatrics to be her life’s work. The fact that she was able to do community service at the Rand Memorial Hospital only confirmed to her that a career in the medical field is indeed what she wants.

Leria has given herself only the summer to relax as she and has already been accepted into the College of the Bahamas for the fall semester. This is only the first stop on the journey towards her ultimate dream. After she’s finished with College of the Bahamas, Leria plans to go on to medical school.

Who do you admire most in life and why is it that you admire that person? I admire my aunty because I’ve seen how hard she worked as a single mother to provide for her and her daughter. Also, she accepted me into her home with open arms when I came to attend high school in seventh grade. She has taught me by her example that it is indeed better to give than to receive.

What are you looking forward to as you leave high school? I am looking forward to accomplishing all of my goals especially finishing my degrees and achieving my dream of becoming a doctor.

What advice have you been given about your future after high school that you will always remember? I was told that nothing is impossible if I just believe in myself.

What are your plans for your first summer as a high school graduate? This summer I plan to relax and enjoy my freedom while it last because soon as summer over it will be back in the books as I start my college journey.

What are some pressures that you have faced as a young lady? I think the greatest pressure I feel is the pressure to do well in school and make my parents proud of me.

What words of advice do you have for those young ladies you’re going to leave behind when you graduate this June? My advice to those I leave behind is to try your hardest to succeed in school. Make your parents proud even though they make you so mad at times. Also, do everything to the best of your ability no matter the situation because that thing which may seem small and insignificant might be something that helps you out later in life.

Finish these sentences…
I smile my biggest smile whenI am dancing
I get angry whenI don't excel in what I want to do
I often dream aboutbeing an outstanding doctor
God ismy refuge and strength
The world would be a better place ifpeople would believe in themselves
My future looks…. bright

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