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Jun 11, 2009

What's Wrong with a Little Conversation?

A Mother's Perspective
by Cleora Williams

Growing up in the ‘70’s we often heard the phrase “children should be seen not heard.” I was not allowed to sit in the company of adults or join in their conversations whenever we had guests. Further, I was not allowed to speak my mind as this was considered being rude. As an adult I can appreciate some of what I was taught but I believe that children should be allowed to be a little more vocal.

Personally, I encourage my children to talk to me and to share their feelings. This at times is quite challenging, while children share to certain degree they seem to always hold a little back, I often wonder if it’s because they (children) enjoy knowing things their parents do not.

I am however, very concerned about children keeping certain secrets from their parents. I am speaking in particular about when a child or teenager is being violated, that is, they are being spoken to or being touched in a manner that is inappropriate and make them feel uncomfortable.

My daughters THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO KEEP A SECRET! No matter how embarrassed or ashamed you may be, remember you did nothing wrong, it is not your fault. Tell someone; your pastor, a teacher or a trusted adult. But I’m sure I speak for all concerned parents when I say, tell us!

My daughters we need you to talk to us, as mothers (parents) we want to protect you. We will not see it as you doing something wrong: if you don’t tell us how will we know? Even if you have been threatened or bribed, you can trust us. No mother wants to know that her beautiful teenage daughter has been violated. I’m sure it must leave a mother feeling angry, frustrated and helpless.

As mothers we are concerned about you and want the best for you. You are a precious gift from God, so please talk to us about whatever is on your mind no matter how small and insignificant it may seem or how huge it may be. Don’t carry the load alone, we love you dearly and want to know what’s going on with you.

As usual ladies I conclude by reminding you that God’s word says that you are priceless and cannot be bought.

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