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Jan 26, 2007

A Conversation with Pastor Beverly Archer

People may forget what you say and do but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Pastor Bev at a glance

Wife of:
Pastor Emmit Archer

Mother of:
Ashlea 17, Brittany 15, Joy 13 & Joshua 8

Abaco Youth Ministry, Intl. Marsh Harbour Abaco

Administration, BEC (Bahamas Electricity Cooperation)
Marsh Harbour Abaco

I was seventeen years old, barely out of high school when I met this issue’s Woman of Worth, whom I knew as Sister Bev. During that meeting she had conversation with me about my plans for the future. I can’t remember every word she said to me but I know it encouraged and motivated me that she’d take the time to talk with me and pray for me.

After that meeting I didn’t see her again for many years but I often remembered her fondly. Then about four years ago I met a lady and her teen daughter at a Woman’s Conference and we started talking. When she introduced herself as Pastor Beverly Archer from Abaco, I had to find out if she was “my Sister Bev”. Indeed she was and I haven’t lost touch with her since. Her daughter Ashlea Archer was featured in the December 2004 issue of GT.

Pastor Bev has been a pastor for six years. I thought that she would be an excellent person to interview because as a mother of three teenage daughters and an eight-year-old son think she has much to share with mothers and daughters. (So girls, maybe you should let your mothers read this.)

From a mother's heart

What is the most difficult part of raising daughters?
I do not have any difficulties associated with raising our children. The moment I completely surrender any concern to God a successful answer faithfully arrives. If there is ever a problem, it’s with me. Whenever I lack patience with the children it’s a sure sign that I need to slow down and take what I call a GOD CHECK!!! (Meaning I take a step back-- to the Word of God and I pray).

Do you find it easy to communicate with girls?

How do you foster that communication?
By regularly acknowledging that I do not have all the answers but I know “the God” who does. It’s incredibly easy to foster positive communication when you let God do the talking and when you don’t have the answers be honest and just admit it and simply say “Honey, I just don’t know the answer…let’s pray.” Most of the communications problems of the past with my children arose because I let pride get in the way and neglected to admit, “I just don’t know the answer”.

What do you love most about having daughters?
There is no one thing I love most about having my children. I love it all, even the days full of challenges, noise (typical in a family of six) etc. That’s not to say I have it all under control, there are days when I “freak right out” as my children say. My only options are prayer and seeking forgiveness!!! Sometimes I simply say to my children “I’m Sorry” because as I said, I do not have all the answers.

How do you handle the teenage mood swings?
The same way the children handle my trip out days/mood swings… prayer and retreating to our respective corners until someone is ready to talk like heaven is our destination!

What is one mistake you may have made in your life that you wouldn’t want your daughters to make?
I took far too long to acknowledge and respect the call of God upon my life. I forfeited many blessings because of disobedience to God. Never let God have to repeat Himself when calling you. After all, how ludicrous is that anyway? How can we out-think a King…the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…The maker and creator of all humanity? I think it is safe to say that He knows what He is doing and He knows the possibility of success for every request He has ever made of us.

Which life lesson do you often find yourself using in your talks with your daughters and other young ladies?
Never allow a bad experience to define who you are or turn you into that experience. For example, something horrible may have happened “to you” but it does not have the power to make the experience “become you”. You are what the Word declares. …fearfully and wonderfully made!

Finish the following sentences:

My daughters are diamonds whose value appreciates by the second.

I wish all mothers of teen daughters would capture and hold fast to the vision of Gods’ finished product not the daughter in process (or in the making).

My prayer for young ladies is that God’s daughters will get a TIGHT GRIP on the vision of GODS’ completed package not the journey. Trust me, the road traveled i.e. the hurts, pains, mistakes and disappointments have a marvelous way of preaching a fantastic sermon that will both save and transform lives by the untold millions.

Thank You Pastor Bev for sharing with us, and for graciously allowing me to interrupt your day.


Keren Ginossar said...

My name is Keren
and I saw you have read my devotional on the young ladies dellowship blog..

I am glad you have been blessed!
Please feel free to stop by anytime at my blog. there are some more personal stuff from my heart or just things that came through my mind..
you can read more devotionals at www.newbeginmin.org at the long "from Israel"

God bless,

Vampire Libby Hodges said...

very proud of my big sis Pastor Beverly. I believe in Jesus as the son of God and as a prophet; but I do not call myself a Christian. Jesus his self was actually a Jew and the name Christian did not exist until years later. I proud of the work she does. With so many ladies having babies out of wedlock and living in poverty and on government assistance: we need young black women to value themselves as queens. It cost the United States government 1.1 trillion dollars a year to care for the children of deadbeat parents. This a system we can not sustain. Everyone can not be laying around fornicating out of wedlock and refusing to work to provide for a house full of children that look JUST LIKE THEIR PARENTS. Our youth need more people like Pastor Beverly.

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