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Jan 28, 2007

Still going strong?

January 2007 is almost gone. In a day or two it will be just a memory. This is the time when most people (myself included) begin to get a little inconsistent with all of the wonderful things they planned to do throughout the year. However, I hope that this year will be different. Hopefully all of the plans, resolutions, goals, dreams etc. won't be finished with as soon as January is finished.

I decided that in this new year I wanted God's presence in my life to speak louder than my words. I want to show by my actions that I am a child of God. Yes, I know that there are times when actions are not enough, but God is able to prompt us at those times when we need to let our voices be heard.

In keeping with my main goal for this year, I've decided to share parts of a sermon I gave at a Youth's Conference at my Church in February of last year. The conference theme was "Let Your Light Shine." It's amazing that a year later God began to deal with me on the very thing I had spoken about.

I will begin posting this week.


eph2810 said...

Oh - I am looking forward to that, Bernadine. Just drop me a note when you are posting it. I am so bad during the week with visiting blogs...
Blessings on your Sunday evening and always...

Anonymous said...

God's funny that way isn't he??? I recently put a scripture up on my Quiet Moments of Grace section of my sidebar...and wouldn't you know that, that particular scripture has been popping up just about everywhere in the past few days....I do believe God is trying to get my attention!!! I'm looking forward to you posting your sermon!

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